Tururi virtuale


Nr: 96-98
July-September 2012

Primul muzeu virtual din România, la Braşov
The first virtual museum from Romania is in Brasov
Das erste virtuelle Museum Rumäniens in Kronstadt/Braşov
Románia első virtuális múzeuma Brassóban
Festivalul "Turnirul Cetăţilor"
The "Fortresses` Tournament" Festival
Festival "Turnier der Burgen"
Középkori várak lovagi tornája
Concert nocturn aniversar extraordinar
Extraordinary nocturnal anniversary concert
Jubiläumskonzert in den Abendstunden
Évfordulós rendkívüli éjszakai hangverseny
Colegiul Áprily Lajos: 175 de ani
Aprily Lajos High School: 175 years
175 Jahre seit der Gründung des Aprily-Lajos-Lyzeums
175 éves az Áprily Lajos Főgimnázium
Codlea, vară culturală
Codlea, cultural summer
Ein Kultursommer
Feketehalmi kulturális nyár
"Bătutul arminzinilor", la Feldioara
The "Raising of the Maypole" in Feldioara
Das Maibaum-Aufstellen in Marienburg/Feldioara
Májusfaállítás Barcaföldváron
Popas la Ghimbav
Stop over in Ghimbav
Rast in Weidenbach/Ghimbav
Pihenő Vidombákon
Legendele Ţării Bârsei, la Hălchiu
The Legends of Barsa Region (Tara Barsei) in Hălchiu
Burzenländer Sagen in Heldsdorf/Hălchiu
A Barcaság legendái Höltövényben
Nedeia Munţilor, la Fundata
The Village Feast in the Mountains in Fundata
Nedeia Munţilor in Fundata
Hegyvidéki ünnep Fundátán
Staţiunea Predeal, ofertă de vară
Predeal Resort, summer offer
Das Sommerangebot in Predeal
Predeal: kínálat a nyári idényre
Viştea, Drăguş, Sâmbăta de Sus
Vistea, Dragus, Sambata de Sus
Viştea, Drăguş, Sâmbăta de Sus
Vist, Dragus, Felsőszombatfalva
"Cântecul care zideşte"
"The Creating Song"
"Das Lied das aufbaut"
Az "építő ének"

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Stop over in Ghimbav


Ghimbav town (Weidenbach, Vidombák) is situated in the North-Western part of Brasov County, on the national highway DN1/E68 and the railway road connecting Brasov to Fagaras. Because of the beginning of the works for the construction of an airport in this area, Ghimbav has become more and more attractive for tourists and investors. Making the best use of its potential, Ghimbav has the advantage of being located at the crossroads of the most important tourist areas of Brasov County: the City of Brasov, Poiana Brasov resort, Postavaru, Cristianu Mare and Piatra Mare Mountains, Predeal resort, Rasnov Citadel and the town of Zarnesti (from here you can climb to Piatra Mare Mountains).

The presence of the Teutonic Knights

"The promotion of the tourist potential of Ghimbav town makes the object of several projects carried out by the Town Hall. The town had an interesting history because its founding is connected to the 14 years of the presence of Teutonic Knights in Tara Barsei, followed by the colonization of the Saxons. The most attractive thing about this town is the way its inhabitants succeeded in preserving the costumes worn by the ancestors and the Saxon customs and traditions. The most important cultural event is the Day of the Town which is a good opportunity to make the best use of the local tourist potential and also to bring to light the recent history, as Ghimbav is famous for its aeronautic industry. That is why flight demonstrations are always included in the most important events carried out locally, much to the delight of the public," said Mr. Toma Dorel, Mayor of Ghimbav.

The Days of Ghimbav

The Days of Ghimbav, which is a celebration of the city, has once again attracted a lot of tourists this year. The event took place in a large area, provided by the Town Hall. For locals this is a celebration of the local traditions and customs and a good chance to revive the historical past of the town. The festival is organized in the first weekend after Saints Peter and Paul's Day and ends with concerts and fireworks.

Other objectives to visit

- The Ensemble of the Fortified Evangelical Church of the Saxons from the 14th century
- The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church from the 18th century

Access way:

- By road: take DN1 from Brasov to Sibiu
- By road: take the RATBV buses ? line 18 and line 28
- By railway: take the passenger trains from Brasov train station (direction Sibiu) at 6:02 A.M., 7:46 A.M., 2:14 P.M., 4:19 P.M., 8:15 P.M., 11:20 P.M..


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