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Nr: 96-98
July-September 2012

Primul muzeu virtual din România, la Braşov
The first virtual museum from Romania is in Brasov
Das erste virtuelle Museum Rumäniens in Kronstadt/Braşov
Románia első virtuális múzeuma Brassóban
Festivalul "Turnirul Cetăţilor"
The "Fortresses` Tournament" Festival
Festival "Turnier der Burgen"
Középkori várak lovagi tornája
Concert nocturn aniversar extraordinar
Extraordinary nocturnal anniversary concert
Jubiläumskonzert in den Abendstunden
Évfordulós rendkívüli éjszakai hangverseny
Colegiul Áprily Lajos: 175 de ani
Aprily Lajos High School: 175 years
175 Jahre seit der Gründung des Aprily-Lajos-Lyzeums
175 éves az Áprily Lajos Főgimnázium
Codlea, vară culturală
Codlea, cultural summer
Ein Kultursommer
Feketehalmi kulturális nyár
"Bătutul arminzinilor", la Feldioara
The "Raising of the Maypole" in Feldioara
Das Maibaum-Aufstellen in Marienburg/Feldioara
Májusfaállítás Barcaföldváron
Popas la Ghimbav
Stop over in Ghimbav
Rast in Weidenbach/Ghimbav
Pihenő Vidombákon
Legendele Ţării Bârsei, la Hălchiu
The Legends of Barsa Region (Tara Barsei) in Hălchiu
Burzenländer Sagen in Heldsdorf/Hălchiu
A Barcaság legendái Höltövényben
Nedeia Munţilor, la Fundata
The Village Feast in the Mountains in Fundata
Nedeia Munţilor in Fundata
Hegyvidéki ünnep Fundátán
Staţiunea Predeal, ofertă de vară
Predeal Resort, summer offer
Das Sommerangebot in Predeal
Predeal: kínálat a nyári idényre
Viştea, Drăguş, Sâmbăta de Sus
Vistea, Dragus, Sambata de Sus
Viştea, Drăguş, Sâmbăta de Sus
Vist, Dragus, Felsőszombatfalva
"Cântecul care zideşte"
"The Creating Song"
"Das Lied das aufbaut"
Az "építő ének"

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The "Fortresses` Tournament" Festival



The "Fortresses` Tournament" Medieval Festival is already famous in the country and abroad. Ever since its first edition which was organized in 2007, this kind of medieval event has been a success and has attracted 11 thousand tourists turning into an emblematic symbol for the people of Brasov. The festival has been promoted in Berlin, London and in Carpatair and BlueAir magazines. Sponsors and volunteers, including Silva brewery and the gastronomic partner Sergiana, involved in this event. The organizers wished to continue to create a successful product which attracts a great number of visitors and which is successfully promoted nationally and internationally.

Three medieval days

The Festival was organized at Rasnov Fortress in the period July 20th ? 22nd 2012. For three days tourists have had the possibility to take part in an exceptional medieval program which included special animation, medieval dance show, horse training demonstrations, medieval show, medieval music concert - The Bagpipe Players from Transylvania and a fire show ? Hypnosis.
The attraction of the event was the Horseback Tournament where the Knights from the fortresses of Tara Barsei and the Black Fortress of Codlea proved their ability in handling medieval weapons and horseback battle racing.

Medieval kindergarten

"This Festival proves that a Teutonic Knight never gives up and fights until the last moment. Besides the shows offered to grown-ups, a moment of great success was the medieval kindergarten. We considered that children should also live fairytale moments and have the chance to have fun. We created medieval dresses for the little girls as once used by children and small weapons for the little boys. Children have been assisted throughout the entire event by specialized staff and knights who showed them techniques in handing the medieval weapons," said Mr. Christian Macedonschi, Chairman of the Association for Tourist Development of Brasov County.

Listening to the music of the bagpipe players from Transylvania

The "Fortresses` Tournament" Medieval Festival is part of a more complex project which includes five tournaments: Rasnov July 20th -22nd - Rasnov Fortress, Brasov August 3rd -5th - Brasov Fortress, Bran August 10th -12th August ? Plateau "Heart of Queen Mary", Fagaras August 16th -19th ? Fagaras Fortress, Feldioara August 31st ? Fortified Church.
30-80 knights and ladies animated the medieval square and presented the daily life of the Middle Age, danced, fought and interacted with the audience. One of the attractions was the fire shows at the end of each festival presented by Hypnosis group. Each festival started with a parade of medieval characters on the sound of the bagpipe players from Transylvania.


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