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Nr: 93-95
April-June 2012

Investiţii în Cetăţi
Investments in Fortresses
Investitionen in Burgen
Beruházások a Várakra
Ziua satului românesc
The day of the Romanian village
Der Tag des rumänischen Dorfes
A román falu napja
Interes European la Viscri ? Buneşti - Roadeş
European interest in Viscri ? Bunesti - Roades
Europäisches Interesse für Deutsch-Weißkirch ? Bodendorf und Radeln
Európai érdek Szászfehéregyházán ? Szászbudán -Rádoson
Multiculturalism la Codlea
Multiculturalism in Codlea
Multikulturalismus in Zeiden
Multikulturalizmus Feketehalomban
Ghimbavul modern
The modern side of Ghimbav
Das moderne Weidenbach
A modern Vidombák
Hărman ? Extreme Fest
Harman ? Extreme Fest
Honigberg ? "Extreme Fest"
Szászhermány ? Extreme Fest
Moieciu, o destinaţie irezistibilă
Moieciu, an irresistible destination
Moieciu ? ein Reiseziel dem man nicht widerstehen kann
Moécs, ellenállhatatlan úti cél
Sânpetru, repere cinematografice
Sanpetru, cinema landmarks
Petersberg als Drehort
Barcaszentpéter, iránypontok filmekhez
Festivalul narciselor
The Daffodil Festival
Das Narzissen-Festival
A Nárciszok Ünnepe
Dansul popular maghiar
The Hungarian folk dance
Der ungarische Volkstanz
Magyar néptánc
Ziua meşteşugarilor maghiari
The Hungarian Craftsmen's Day
Der Tag der ungarischen Handwerker
Magyar kézművesek napja
Ziua Ierusalimului
Jerusalem's Day
Der Jerusalem-Tag
Jeruzsálem napja

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Jerusalem's Day


The Zionist Association from Romania, the Jews' Community from Brasov and the Friendship Association Israel ? Romania organized on May 20th 2012 at the Synagogue on Poarta Schei Street the celebration of "Jerusalem's Day", reunified for 45 years ? the "HOLLY City for JEWS, CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS". E.S. Dan Ben Eliezer, the Ambassador of Israel in Romania also participated in the event, next to important representatives of the community from Brasov.

The evenings of the Jewish film

On the occasion of Jerusalem's Day, in the special location offered by the Synagogue from Brasov, the guests and members of the community participated in the presentation of some artistic films and documentaries from Bucharest Jewish Film Festival. The presentations lasted for two days, and the films were really successful. The guests could also enjoy an exceptional cultural show performed by the Jewish Community Assembly from Brasov, but only after the divine service done by a cantor who had come from Israel especially for this event.

Focus on culture

"We thought we could organize a really beautiful celebration because Jerusalem's Day is a special occasion for us. We wanted cultural figures to speak on this occasion, reminding people of the importance of the biggest religious centre ? Jerusalem. Jerusalem's Day ? Yom Yerushalim is a feast celebrating the date when the city of Jerusalem was liberated during the Six Days War from 1967, between State Israel and its Arabic neighbours, Egypt, Syria and Jordan," said Mr. Roth Tiberiu, the president of the Jewish Community from Brasov, the host of this event.

Jews' capital

Jerusalem's Day ? Yom Yerushalim is celebrated in a magnificent manner by the Jews everywhere, because it represents more than that for them: 3000 years since King David made from Jerusalem the capital of Jews, the heart of nation and of Judaic religion.
The event touched the members of the Jewish Community in Brasov because the organizers managed to mark Jerusalem's Day ? Yom Yerushalim through a unique cultural event which reached the hearts of the guests.


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