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Nr: 90-92
January-March 2012

Investiţii în turismul istoric
Investments in historical sites
Investitionen in den Geschichte-Tourismus
A történelmi turizmus támogatása
Muzeul "Prima Şcoală Românească"
The "First Romanian School" Museum
Das Museum der ersten rumänischen Schule
Az első román iskolának szentelt múzeum
Alaiul Măscăricilor din Şcheii Braşovului
The Mask Procession from Scheii Brasovului
Der Schalken-Zug im Şchei-Stadtteil
Pojácafelvonulás a Bolgárszegen
Arderea păpuşilor la Budila
Doll Burning in Budila
Puppen werden angezündet
Bábuégetés Bodolán
Codlea: "Mărţişoare pentru mame"
Codlea: "Gifts called Mărtisor for mothers"
Codlea/Zeiden: "Märzchen für die Mütter"
Feketehalom: Márciuskák az édesanyáknak
Cristian: Festivalul Roainei
The Festival Roaina from Cristian
Neustadt: Das Roaina-Fest
Keresztényfalva: A Roaina fesztivál
Noul An Turistic
The New Year for Tourism
Das neue touristische Jahr
A turizmus új éve
15 Martie
March 15th
Der 15. März
Március 15.
Prejmer: Alaiul clătitelor
The Pancake Parade from Prejmer
Tartlau: Der Pfannkuchen-Zug
Prázsmár: Palacsintaparádé
Balul Însuraţilor
The Married Couples Ball
Der Abend der Verheirateten
Házasok bálja
Teliu: Carnavalul copiilor
The Children?s Carnival in Teliu
Teliu: Der Kinderkarneval
Keresztvár: Gyermekkarnevál
Cursa Trăsniţilor
The Crazy Race
Das Verrückte Rennen
Tébolyultak Futama

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Investments in historical sites



The investments of the County Council Brasov for the preservation, restoration and increasing the value of the walls, towers and bastions making up the Medieval Fortress Brasov (the White Tower, the Black Tower, the Bastion Graft, Catherine?s Gate, the Weavers` Bastion, the Powder Mill towers, the Drapers` Bastion, the Old Warthe Promenade, the fortifications along the alley at the bottom of Hill Tampa and behind the Walls, the Rope Street), as well as the infrastructure works carried out at Fortress Rasnov, have contributed to the increasing number of tourists in this county. The sightseeing bus purchased by the County Council has already transported thousands of persons who could admire the most important cultural and historic sites.

Resurrection of the Middle Age traditions

The resurrection of the medieval traditions, the military guard from the period of the Prime Judge Michael Weiss (17th century) who patrols the old centre of Brasov, the cannon fires shot on Sunday from the White Tower, the hymns played by Medieval trumpet players, an hour sharp, from the tower of the Council Square, have enhanced the charm of the City of Brasov. At the same time the restoration of the old buildings such as Reduta, the Medieval House from the Council Square, the entertainment centres Olimpia, Complex Agrement, the Arena "Ion Tiriac", and the cultural and historical events organized such as the Fortresses` Tournament from Rasnov, Bran, Fagaras and Brasov, "The Teutonic Knights returning to Fortress Feldioara", and above all the Hotel and Tourism Conference of Transylvania, represented a magnetic attraction for tourists.

Promotion activities

"Brasov was promoted as a tourist destination through the participation in fairs from London, Berlin and Bucharest. In the same regard, we had a stand at the European Parliament from Strasbourg on the occasion of Europe Day. The County of Brasov has entered a solid partnership with the City Hall of Nurnberg and the Romanian Association from Nurnberg "ROMANIMA", involving the City of Brasov in the life of the German community. Some events include the House of Brasov of the Christmas Fair and the participation in the Romanian Day which has lately become, through a major implication of the County Council, the Day of the People from Brasov in Nurnberg," said Mr. Aristotel Cancescu, the President of the County Council Brasov.

Restoration of fortresses

"We are carrying on the promotion of the county?s tourist attractions in 2012, too and we will resume all our ongoing projects, both cultural, artistic and historic events and investments intended to restore, preserve and increase the value of hundreds of historic monuments which our county possesses, namely the Fortresses from Fagaras, Feldioara, Rupea and Rasnov," said Mr. Dragos Craciun, Counselor and Chairman of the Sports, Tourism, Youth, Environment Protection and Ecological Issues Board of the County Council Brasov.


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