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Nr: 87-89
October-December 2011

Carte de vizită: Judeţul Braşov
Destination: The County of Brasov
Kurze Visitenkarte von Kronstadt
Brassó megyei útikalauz
Pădurile virgine de la Şinca
The old-growth forests from Sinca
Die Urwälder bei Şinca
A sinkai szűz erdők
Folclorul autentic, promovat la Budila
Promoting Genuine Folklore in Budila
Authentische Folklore wird gefördert
A valódi folklórt népszerűsítik Bodolán
Crăciunul şi Anul Nou, la Codlea
Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Codlea
Weihnacht und Neujahr in Zeiden
Karácsony és újév Feketehalomban
Cristian: Drumul pâinii
Cristian: the "Road of Bread"
Neustadt: Der Weg des Brotes
Keresztényfalva és A kenyér útja
Satul românesc: Dumbrăviţa
Dumbrăviţa, a Romanian village
Das rumänische Dorf Dumbrăviţa
Szúnyogszék, a román falu
Ghimbavul turistic
The tourist side of Ghimbav
Das touristische Weidenbach
A turizmus Vidombákon
Zilele Hălchiului
The Days of Halchiu
Die Heldsdorfer Tage
Höltövényi napok
Crăciunul la Homorod
Christmas in Homorod
Weihnachten in Hamruden
Karácsony Szászhomoródon
Focul lui Sumedru
The "Fire of Sumedru" Custom
Sumedrus Feuer
Sumedru tüzének ünnepe
Miraculoasele legende de la Sânpetru
The Wondrous Legends of Sanpetru
Petersberger Sagen
A szenpéteri csodás történetek, legendák
Festivalul Oierilor
The Festival of Sheep Breeders
Das Festival der Schafzüchter
Juhtenyésztők fesztiválja

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The Festival of Sheep Breeders


The Festival of Sheep Breeders was organized in Tohanul Nou ? Tabara, Zarnesti town, between September 30th and October 2nd and features a traditional product fair.
The organizers of this event were the Association of Sheep and Horse Breeders` from Brasov, the Association of Cattle Breeders - Bran Branch, the Romanian Federation of Mountain Sheep Breeders, the Town Hall and the Local Council of Zarnesti, the Chamber of Agriculture from Brasov, the County Council Brasov and the Service for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture of Brasov.

The Skills of Mountain Sheep Breeding

The Festival of Sheep Breeders was a combination of an artistic show and mountain sheep breeding skills: Cristian Pomohaci, Robert Tarnaveanu and Petrica Matu Stoian, folk groups, traditional food fair, horse riding and carriage rides, milking contest, food exhibition, sheep and dog exhibition, demonstration of preparing the donkey for the trip and presentation of tools necessary to shepherding.
"The tourists who come to Zarnesti can find accommodation at the local pensions and around Plaiul Foii, Poiana Marului or Tohanita-Predelut regions. They can practice rock climbing, horse riding, and mountain backpacking trips or they can enjoy watching the nature in its true splendor in the wildest landscapes of Europe, especially in Piatra Craiului where numerous wild animals live," said Mr. Dorel Valeriu Birladeanu, Mayor of Zarnesti town.

Waiting for the Tourists

"The Festival is organized by those who work exclusively in sheep breeding field and it is carried out in a large open space big enough to display the products and for the show performance. The products are certified and tourists can buy burduf cheese, telemea cheese, pastrami, salted urdă cheese and smoked caş cheese, said Mr. Adrian Valusescu, Manager of the Service for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture of Brasov.

Donkey, the mean of transport in sheep breeding

Tourists could admire the donkey, which is considered to be the "car" in sheep breeding, not just in any way but loaded with everything necessary in order to keep the herdsman alive during transhumance. The maximum load a donkey can carry is 70-80 kilos. Three donkeys were displayed at the fair: one was carrying the food, another one the tableware and the last one was carrying the sheep breeder?s clothing.
"Considerable caution should be taken when loading a donkey, because you might fasten the belt too tightly causing wounds to the donkey which can lead to tetanus and finally to death. The luggage weight should be in balance. In the end I would add that a donkey is not something to joke about," said Mr. Eugen Gontea, the President of the Romanian Federation of Mountain Sheep Breeders.
The Association includes 931 sheep breeders and more than 1200 eligible breeders are in Brasov County only.


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