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Nr: 81-83
April-June 2011

Braşovul - o cetate medievală locuită
Brasov, an Inhabited Medieval Fortress
Kronstadt/Braşov - eine bewohnte mittelalterliche Burg
Brassó: lakott középkori vár
Zilele Braşovului
The Days of Brasov
Die Kronstädter Tage
Conferinţa Hotelieră din Transilvania
The Transylvanian Hotel Conference
Tagung zu Hotellerie in Transsylvanien
Erdélyi szállodák seregszemléje
Învierea şi Rusaliile la Etniile din Ţara Bârsei
The Christ's Resurrection and Pentecost Holidays celebrated by the Ethnic Groups from Tara Barsei
Ostern und Pfingsten bei den Burzenländer Ethnien
Húsvét és Pünkösd a barcasági népcsoportoknál
Purimul, moment de bucurie pentru evrei
Purim, a Moment of Joy for the Jews
Das Purim-Fest - ein Augenblick der Freude für Juden
Purim: az öröm alkalma a zsidóknál
Măgura Codlei, pe scenele lumii
Măgura Codlei, Famous around the World
Das Volkstanzensemble "Măgura Codlei"
Măgura Codlei a világ színpadain
Dumitru Sofonea - "Tezaur uman viu"
Dumitru Sofonea, a "Living Human Treasure"
Dumitru Sofonea - "Lebender Schatz"
Dumitru Sofonea: Élő örökség
Cununa Florilor, la Buneşti
"Cununa Florilor" (the crown of flowers) in Buneşti
Das Kronenfest in Bodendorf/Buneşti
Cununa Florilor Szászbudán
Barko Etelka, comoara vie
Barko Etelka, a Living Treasure
Etelka Barko
Barkó Etelka élő kincs
Sărbătoarea narciselor şi irişilor
The Celebration of Daffodils and Iris
Das Fest der Narzissen und Iris
Nárciszok és íriszek ünnepe
Târg de antichităţi
The Antiques Fair
Comorile din Turle
The Treasures in the Steeples
Die Schätze der Türme
Kincsek a toronyokban

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Măgura Codlei, Famous around the World



The Cultural Centre of town Codlea, county of Brasov, organizes several spring events, which have become a tradition. The participants are the local folk group "Magura Codlei", Hungarian and German folk groups, singers, youth bands, as well as the local inhabitants. At the same time, cultural exchanges are organized between the Cultural House Codlea and foreign cultural associations.

Cultural Tourism

"It is important that the cultural exchanges between the institution I represent and the foreign cultural associations have grown in diversity. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the good relationship we have with Association "Doina" from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This association comes to Codlea twice a year and practices cultural tourism. This year, in April, a group from the Netherlands and Germany came to visit us. Because of this partnership relationship the folk group"Magura" represented Romania at the "International Folkloristic Dance I" Festival from Odoorn, the Netherlands. It also participated in the project "A day in Transylvania" organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute and Association Libris Cultural.

Making the Best out of Folk Creation

The folk group" Magura" from the Cultural Centre of town Codlea has existed for more than 40 years and consisted of many young talented people, eager to make the best out of Codlea traditions, as well as of the specific traditions from other places in the country. The dances emphasize the authenticity, peculiarity and diversity of folklore. It is a great show, with folk costumes representing specific elements to each generation. Because of its reputation, the group is invited to take part in national and international festivals, always being awarded prizes.

Other Events

Different events symbolizing the seasons change from spring to summer are organized in Codlea throughout the year. They include: the Comenius Project (in May), the 2nd Edition of the County Modern Dance Competition (in May), "Armindeni" - folk spring feast (in May), the 11th edition of the International Children's Day on the 1rst of June (outdoor show), the Heroes' Day (each year we celebrate the Heroes' Day on the Ascension Day at the Heroes' Monument), the Sweet Apple - the National Light Music Festival for Children and Youth (June 4th), Kronenfest - "The Crown's Festival" (the Days of Codlea, June17th-19th), the 1st edition of the Medieval Festival.


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