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Nr: 72-74
July-September 2010

Braşovul: 775 de ani
Brasov City: 775 years
Braşov: 775 Jahre
Brassó 775 éves
Un` te duci tu mielule?La Bran!
?Whereto dear lamb?? ... to Bran!
Wohin geht?s, Lamm ? Nach Bran!
Hová mész te, báránykám? Törcsvárra!
Maialul la Codlea
?Maial? from Codlea
Das Kronenfest in Zeiden
Majális Feketehalomban
Balul Mestecenilor, la Cristian
The Birch Trees` Holiday from Cristian
Der Neustädter Birkenball
Corul cantorilor din Ierulasim
The Jerusalem Cantors Choir
Der Kantoren-Chor aus Jerusalem
A jeruzsálemi kántorok kórusa
Ghimbav: Reafirmarea trecutului
Ghimbav: Reassertion of the past
Weidenbach: Die Vergangenheit wird nicht vergessen
Vidombák: a múlt vállalása
Turism ecologic la Mândra
Ecological tourism in Mandra
Ökotourismus in Mândra
Ökoturizmus Mundrán
Din peisajul cultural predelean
An outline of the cultural landscape of Predeal
Aus dem Kulturangebot in Predeal
Predeál kulturális élete
Sânpetru: Ruşcuţa de primăvară
Sanpetru: Spring Bird?s Eye (ruscuta in Romanian)
Petersberg: Das Frühlings-Adonisröschen
Szentpéter: tavaszi hérics
Multiculturalism la Tărlungeni
Multiculturalism in Tarlungeni
Multikulturalismus in Tărlungeni
Turism culinar cu melci, la Teliu
Gastronomic tourism with snails in Teliu
Schnecken-Gastrotourismus bei Teliu
Csigagasztronómia Keresztváron
Viscri: ?Satul de sine stătător?
Viscri, A free-standing village
Deutsch-Wei?kirch: ?Das selbständige Dorf?
Szászfehéregyháza: az önálló falu
Festivalul ecvestru - Râşnov 2010

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Brasov City: 775 years



This year, Brasov, the Crown City celebrates 775 years since first documentary certification. As inhabitants of this centuries-old city, we are proud of its historical inheritance and we are interested in preserving its architectural and ambient values and equally willing to pass on the historical and multicultural traditions which distinguish it and make it unique.
Identity: The Old Centre and the Schei Neighbourhood
Brasov has two emblematic neighbourhoods, the Old Centre and Schei which both give a special and unmistakable identity to the city. For the last eight years, through the efforts of the County Council, important action has been taken to preserve and recondition the monuments included in the patrimony, which lie in these city areas. ?We have practically brought to light the forgotten monuments of the medieval city. The Citadel?s walls and bastions from the bottom of Tampa hill were completely restored at our initiative and the former towers and bastions from Warthe-The Black Tower site, the White Tower and the Graft Bastion were reintroduced in the tourist and entertainment circuit,? said the President of the County Council of Brasov.
Relaunching the cultural tourism
?The historical area and Schei neighbourhood could be the impulse for the economic relaunching of the city, mainly through cultural tourism-oriented development. But, for the tourists to come and mainly to return to Brasov, it is very important that both the local community and the public administration become aware of the importance to preserve the traditional-historical peculiarity of this region and the monuments and to revive the traditions specific to the ethnic communities who have lived together in harmony in these places for more than seven centuries. This is what we aim at, resuming the old traditions and passing them on, making them known and, through them, offering another reason to today Brasov people to be proud of the cultural heritage of the city they live in?, said Mr. Aristotel Cancescu, President of the County Council of Brasov.


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