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Nr: 69-71
April-June 2010

Diaconia Neuendettelsau, la Braşov
Neuendettelsau Deaconry in Braşov
Diakonie Neuendettelsau in Kronstadt/Braşov
A Neuendettelsau Diakónia Brassóban
Turnirul Cavalerilor, ediţia a IV-a
Knights` Tournament, 4th edition
Die IV. Auflage des Ritter-Turniers
Lovagok tornája, IV. Kiadás
?Coprinele? din Poiana Narciselor
?Coprinele? from Poiana Narciselor (Daffodil Glade)
Die ?Coprine? in der Narzissenwiese
A Nárciszrét
?Paşti la Castel?
?Easter at the Castle?
?Ostern im Schloss?
Húsvét a kastélyban
Concerte de fanfară, pe aleea de sub Tâmpa
Brass band concerts on the parkway at the bottom of Mount Tampa
Blasmusik unter der Zinne
Fúvószene a Cenk alatti sétányon
PREDEAL ? Trasee de căţărare
PREDEAL ? Climbing itineraries
Predeal - Klettern zur Auswahl
PREDEÁL ? sziklamászó útvonalak
?Dezvoltarea locală - cu şi pentru noi?
?Local Development With and For Us?
?Örtliche Entwicklung ? mit und für uns?
Településfejlesztés ? velünk és értünk
Festival la Casa Ceangăiască
Festival at the Csango House
Das Festival beim Tschango-Haus
Fesztivál a Csángó Házban
Sărbătorile Codlei
Feast Days in Codlea
Die Zeidner Feste
Feketehalomi ünnepek
Terapie cultural-istorică la Buneşti
Cultural and Historical Therapy in Bunesti
Kulturhistorisches Ambiente in Buneşti/Bodendorf
Kulturális-történelmi terápia Szászbunán
Cavalerii teutoni, ostaşii lui Michael Weiss şi garnizoana habsburgică
The Teutonic Knights, the soldiers of Michael Weiss and the Habsburg garrison
Ritterorden, Michael Weiss` Krieger und Habsburger Soldaten
A VII-a ediţie cu prietenii cărţilor
A meeting of books` friends at the 7th edition
Die siebente Auflage
A VII. akalom a könyv barátaival

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PREDEAL ? Climbing itineraries



For those who want to visit Predeal resort here is one reason to do so: you have the chance to try the zigzag routes to Predeal and get into the atmosphere of those places. Predeal dominates with a civilized authority, being an entrance gate for the traveler who once passed through these places heading to Tara Valaha. It is in this region that Predeal lies, surrounded by a chain of mountains: Piatra Mare, Garbova, Bucegi and Postavarul. The climbing itineraries from here can be a tourist attraction for both beginners and advanced climbers.

Various itineraries
?Predeal has a great touristic potential which places it among the first of this kind within the mountain tourism. The policy of the City Hall administration is to attract as many tourists as possible and to make them feel safe. This is an ideal place both for staying during the summer, as well as during the winter, and for trips, by car and by foot. Predeal offers many itineraries of different lengths and levels of difficulty?, said Mr. Ionel Goidescu, Mayor of Predeal town.
Postăvarul Mountains ? Gorges of Râşnoavei
This climbing itinerary is known as Santinela Cheilor (Gorges Sentinel) and it belongs to 3B level of difficulty, required length of rope 8, on the south-eastern wall, being composed of calcareous rock. It can be reached from the national highway DN 73A Predeal-Rasnov or Predeal ? Trei Brazi Hotel, using the marked trails. Santinela Cheilor (Creasta Generalului = The General Ridge) is by definition the standard itinerary in this area. Another itinerary is Surplombele de Aur (Golden Cornices) with 6A level of difficulty, length of rope 8, on the south-eastern wall, being composed of calcareous rock. It can be reached from Santinela Cheilor and it is considered one of the toughest itineraries from Postavarul Mountains.
Piatra Mare Mountains
The climbing itinerary Piatra Scrisa (the Written Rock) can be covered on the north-eastern wall and it can be reached from Predeal by walking on the marked trail for two hours and a half; itineraries succeed from left to right: Hornul UDU (GD 3B, LC 3); Hornul the southern variant (GD 3B, LC 3); Diagonal itinerary (GD 4B, LC 3); Central itinerary (GD 5B, LC 3); V. Măciuca itinerary (GD 5A, LC 3); south-eastern edge Muchia (GD 4B, LC 3) and other itineraries with levels of difficulty ranging from two to three.
Another itinerary that climbers prefer is Prăpastia Ursului (The Bear Abyss): on the southern wall, reached from Valea Timişului ? DN1, right near Dâmbul Morii Chalet, where the road bifurcates through the forest. This road leads to ?7 scari? narrow pass and it bifurcates on the left arriving at the bottom of ?Prapastia Ursului? wall where there are nine climbing itineraries with 3-5A levels of difficulty. The wall is easily reachable under bad weather conditions, even during winter, and it provides a good place for training.


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