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Nr: 63-65
October-December 2009

Festivalul ?Fulg de Nea?
The ?Snow Flake? Festival
Das Festival ?Schneeflocke?
Muzeul Civilizaţiei Urbane a Braşovului, deschis publicului larg
The City Civilisation Museum from Brasov - open for the public
Das Museum für städtische Zivilisation Kronstadt/Brasov
A Brassó Városi Civilizáció Múzeuma megnyílt a nagyközönség számára is
Micul OktoberFest
The Little Oktoberfest
Das Mini-Oktoberfest
A kis Oktoberfest
Zoritorii din Cristian
?Zoritorii? from Cristian
Die Weihnachtssänger von Neustadt
Keresztényfalvi hajnalozók
Zilele Hălchiului
The Feast Days of Halchiu
Die Heldsdorfer Tage
Höltövény napjai
Sărbătoarea ?Mărul Dulce?
The ?Sweet Apple? Holiday
Das Fest des ?Sü?en Apfels?
Az Édes Alma ünnepe
Ghimbavul istoric şi modern
Ghimbav: History and Modernity
Weidenbach von einst und heute
A történelmi és a modern Vidombák
Festivalul istoric ?În numele tandafirului"
The historic festival ?The Name of the Rose"
Das historische Festival ?Im Namen der Rose?
Történelmi fesztivál: A rózsa nevében
Bran Castle Fest
Bran Castle Festival
Bran Castle Fest
Bran Castle Fest
Festivalul Oierilor şi Răvăşitul Oilor
Shepherds? Festival and Sheep Scattering
Das Schafhalter-Festival und der Schaf-Abtrieb
A juhászok ünnepe
Competiţii la Predeal
Competitions in Predeal
Wettkämpfe in Predeal
Predeáli versenyek
Ziua Europeană a Culturii Evreieşti
The European Day of Jewish Culture
Der Europa-Tag der jüdischen Kultur
A zsidó kultúra európai napja
Acupunctura Zhendao

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Competitions in Predeal



The resort town Predeal, famous for winter sports, has become more and more required for the organisation of sports competitions. The most recent ones include the National Fencing Championship in which famous international sportsmen participated. 27 sports clubs, that is a total of 167 sportsmen, entered the Finals of the National Senior and Team Super League Fencing Championships. The best performer was the team of Steaua Bucharest which obtained 8 from the 10 trophies at stake and made impression both during individual and team competitions. The prizes were granted by the City Hall of Predeal.

The Festival of the Mountains

?Predeal is a perfect place to organise national, but also international events. In this regard, we are continuously working to offer the best possible conditions. The most recent one was the Festival of the Mountains and consisted in several activities: book release having the mountains as topic, previews of painting, sculpture, graphic and artistic photography, a cultural-artistic and ambient music show and on field competitions: moto-show, exhibition of Romanian shepherd dogs, mountain rescue simulation carried out by lifeguard service in Predeal and mountain climbing,? says Mr. Ionel Goidescu, Mayor of Predeal.

Off-road and moto-show

Both during the summer and winter time trips itineraries are being organised within competitions regarding field orientation and trail recognition. Leaving Predeal, passing by Paraul Rece river and reaching the Notches of Rasnoavei, the mountain offers excellent possibilities for climbing, off-road races and moto-show. These kinds of events attract many tourists, some of them preferring to climb rocks for a fee, assisted by trainers. The adrenaline is increasing, the sensations are great, the height is frightening. This is why those who try to do climbing once, will do it again and make a hobby of it.

Winter preparations

The Mayor, Mr. Ionel Goidescu says that the Local Council had already allotted significant funds for the preparations of the winter season in Predeal: ?We are working at the arrangement of the ski area, the snow cannons are being checked, measures are taken to inform tourists about the access in high mountain areas and the risks to which they expose, some tourist trails are restored and contacts maintained with the cable transport and hotel network providers. This way we can offer perfect conditions for the tourists to practice winter sports and also a variety of events. We are waiting them in Predeal.?


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