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Nr: 60-62
July-September 2009

Turismul de tip paradores, în Braşov
Paradores tourism in Braşov
Paradores-Tourismus in Braşov
Paradores-turizmus, Brassóban
Prima conferinţă hotelieră din Transilvania
The first hotel conference from Transilvania
Die erste Hotellerie-Konferenz in Transsilvanien
Az első erdélyi hotel- és idegenforgalmi konferencia
Diversitatea, o şansă în plus
Diversity, an extra chance
Die Vielfalt als zusätzliche Chance
A sokféleség ? további esély
Festival ecvestru la Râşnov
The Equestrian Festival of Râşnov
Reitfestival in Rosenau
Rozsnyói lovasfesztivál
Talciocul de stil
The Style Fair
Flohmarkt mit Stil
Stílusos bolhapiac
Târgul de mirodenii
The Spices Fair
Der Gewürzmarkt
Festivalul Fanfarelor
The Fanfares Festival
Das Festival der Blaskapellen
Buzduganul de la Drăguş
The Dragus Mace
Der Streitkolben von Drăguş
A daróci buzogány
Noaptea de Sânziene la Şirnea
The Midsummer Night in Sirnea
Die Sânziene-Nacht bei Şirnea
Szentivánéj Şirneán
Zilele Codlei-Kronenfest
The Days of Codlea - Kronenfest
Die Zeidner Tage ? das Kronenfest
Kronenfest ? a Feketehalmi napok
Rotbav ? istorie şi tradiţie
History and tradition in Rotbav
Rothbach ? Geschichte und Tradition
Szászveresmart ? történelem és hagyomány
Tradiţii culturale la Predeal
Cultural traditions in Predeal
Kulturtraditionen in Predeal
Kulturális hagyományok Predeálon

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The Spices Fair



In June-July two spices fairs were organized in Brasov, the first at the Weavers? Bastion, next to Olimpia tennis club and the second at the Fortress in Rasnov. The purpose of these fairs was to reenact ?The Road of Spices? as Brasov was once known. Practically, Brasov was one of the access gates for spices to Europe, on Smirna-Istanbul-Braila route. The road of spices has influenced the population of that time, being then consumed by Hungarians and then by Romanians.

The Weavers? Bastion spices

Companies specialised in spices participated in the exhibition and the Spices Fair from the Weavers? Bastion from Brasov brought products for sale. The people from Brasov crowded in the Bastion to buy ingredients, spices and to find out dessert recipes dating from the European Middle Age period, but also to watch the ?Medieval Reenactment? including special competitions and knights recruitment (the Crown?s Guards). On this occasion traditional Greek dances and Hellenic music shows, presentation of spices and tasting of traditional food products and an old Wallachian and Hungarian music concert and madrigals were also organised.

The Spices Fair from the Fortress in Rasnov

The Spices Fair from the Fortress in Rasnov was an attraction for many tourists who enjoyed tasting food products with spices: nigella, sumac, cardamom coffee, star anise coffee, zahtar with Lebanese flat loaf of bread; spice bread, ginger beer, rhubarb jam with apples, saffron and ginger, apple compote with wine and spices. Original competitions and knight recruitment took place here as well, and the biggest attraction of the event was the medieval theatre play ?Finding a Guard? performed by the Crown?s Guards.

A small-scale mill

After the presentation of the fruits from the Middle East, Prof. Ph. D. Alexandru Stanescu exhibited a small-scale mill which can provide the necessary bread for one day to a family. Ecological wheat was used instead of flour. The disadvantage of the industrial mills is that they eliminate the wheat germ which is essential and contains vitamin B, while this tiny mill preserves all these properties. Tourists had the opportunity to taste this home-made bread from ecological wheat flour: caraway and flax seed bread and caraway and sesame seed bread.


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