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Nr: 60-62
July-September 2009

Turismul de tip paradores, în Braşov
Paradores tourism in Braşov
Paradores-Tourismus in Braşov
Paradores-turizmus, Brassóban
Prima conferinţă hotelieră din Transilvania
The first hotel conference from Transilvania
Die erste Hotellerie-Konferenz in Transsilvanien
Az első erdélyi hotel- és idegenforgalmi konferencia
Diversitatea, o şansă în plus
Diversity, an extra chance
Die Vielfalt als zusätzliche Chance
A sokféleség ? további esély
Festival ecvestru la Râşnov
The Equestrian Festival of Râşnov
Reitfestival in Rosenau
Rozsnyói lovasfesztivál
Talciocul de stil
The Style Fair
Flohmarkt mit Stil
Stílusos bolhapiac
Târgul de mirodenii
The Spices Fair
Der Gewürzmarkt
Festivalul Fanfarelor
The Fanfares Festival
Das Festival der Blaskapellen
Buzduganul de la Drăguş
The Dragus Mace
Der Streitkolben von Drăguş
A daróci buzogány
Noaptea de Sânziene la Şirnea
The Midsummer Night in Sirnea
Die Sânziene-Nacht bei Şirnea
Szentivánéj Şirneán
Zilele Codlei-Kronenfest
The Days of Codlea - Kronenfest
Die Zeidner Tage ? das Kronenfest
Kronenfest ? a Feketehalmi napok
Rotbav ? istorie şi tradiţie
History and tradition in Rotbav
Rothbach ? Geschichte und Tradition
Szászveresmart ? történelem és hagyomány
Tradiţii culturale la Predeal
Cultural traditions in Predeal
Kulturtraditionen in Predeal
Kulturális hagyományok Predeálon

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Cultural traditions in Predeal



In July the City Hall of Predeal organised an event which brought together both Romanian and minority groups cultural traditions. The event gathered tourists in Predeal, who enjoyed original traditional customs, an exceptional parade of the Romanian and minority groups costumes, several folk dances and songs, all of them offering a broad multicultural diversity. Famous folk groups, but also well-known artists performed on the stage specially arranged for the event. The town felt thus like on a holiday, everybody enjoying music, dance and good spirit.

The Running Lolas

While reviving an old Saxon custom known as ?The Running Lolas?, the German minority group presented an exceptional program which included the genuine Saxon costumes? parade which the participants took great pride in wearing nowadays.
The Mayor of Predeal, Mr. Ionel Goidescu, said: ?This event is part of a series of cultural programs, especially created for tourists and for promoting customs and traditions. We are glad that so many people, whether locals or tourists who come to Predeal for leisure, participate in such kind of events. Besides the holiday tourism we also want to consider weekend tourism so that people who come here could enjoy unforgettable moments. We also though of promoting our gastronomy, reason for which specific food stands are being arranged for each event by master chefs famous both in Romania and abroad. The Romanian and foreign tourists have thus the chance to taste our traditional products, and also recipes which brought international gold medals to our chefs.?

A series of dances
?Salba Prahovei? folk group from the Culture House in Plopeni performed a series of dances specific to Prahova Valley region, followed by a series of Moldavian dances, recitals by Vitan Andrei, a micro recital by Ignatescu Andreea (Greek and Serbian songs), the performance of the music band ?Ritmic?, a micro recital by Cioban Irena (?Sârba lui Vasile? specific to Moldavia region; ?Mărie şi Mărioară? specific to Olt region; ?Geampara? specific to Dobrodgea region), ?Zărzărică, zărzărea? by Teodorescu Mihaela, Georgiana Banita, a series of dances specific to Teleajenului Valley region and ?Cununa? folk group from Agnita.
The tourists were thrilled to see the importance given to folk song and dance and most of them, irrespective of their ethnic membership, danced, sang and enjoyed multicultural moments.


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