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Nr: 56-57
March-April 2009

Baba Dochia
The old Dochia
Noul brand turistic al judeţului Braşov
Echipă nouă la Prefectură
New Prefecture’s Team
Nouvelle équipe à la Préfecture
Nuova squadra alla Prefettura
Braşovul, oraşul lui Kronos
Town of Cronus
Ville de Chronos
Strigarea peste sat la Şinca Nouă
The Wheel on Fire
La roue en flammes
La Ruota in fiamme
Prejmer: Clătita din căruţă
The Pancakes Festival
Le Festival des Crêpes
Il Festival delle Crêpe
Balul Dragobetelui, la Zizin
Dragobete’s Ball
Le Bal de Dragobete
Il Ballo di Dragobete
Balul Mărţişorului, la Codlea
The March Amulet Ball
Le Bal du printemps
Il Ballo della primavera
Alaiul măştilor la Budila
The Masks Tail
Le Cortège des Masques
Il corteo delle maschere
Şezătoare la Dumbrăviţa
The Gathering
La Réunion
La Veglia
Predealul, pentru turiştii îndrăgostiţi
Predeal in Love
Predeal amoureux
Predeal innamorato
Păpuşile dansatoare din Vama Buzăului
Dancing Dolls
Les Poupées Danseuses
Le Bombole danzatrici
Zâna Măseluţă, la Teliu
The Tooth Fairy
La petite souris
La Fatina
Oul Pascal
The Paschal Egg
L’Oeuf Pascal
L’Uovo Pasquale
Hristos a Înviat!
The Resurrection

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At the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, Brasov County launched its the new touring brand. As the County Council’s president Aristotel Cancescu remarked, „continuing the tradition of over 100 years of local tourism industry, Brasov aims to develop by its new brand strategy a solid image as a touring destination at international level. The new Brasov’s image promotes both cultural diversity and dynamics of a modern region”.

Designed in Enghlish

According to Mihai Pascu, director within the county council, the verbal touring identity of the county - BRAŞOV BE.LIVE IT - is designed in English and addressed to the international audience. It also transmits two major concepts: an existential attitude by the use of the verb "to be" (BE), and the interactive dimension of the phrase "live" (LIVE IT). The phrase "BE.LIVE IT" could be translated as "Be and Live Brasov" but phonetically it becomes "Believe it", as a promise made to the tourist - "Believe in Brasov”. As Ionut Tata, director of the Agency for Sustainable Development of Brasov county (ADDJB) stated, the brand is developed and coordinated by the Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism (APDT), in cooperation with the Brasov County Council, ADDJB and Firestarter Communication Agency.

Touring Promotion

This initiative completes the development projects of the touring infrastructure initiated in the county: the restoration of Brasov medieval fortress’s walls, ski area development in Rasnov, Predeal and Poiana Brasov, the rehabilitating of the historical fortresses Rasnov, Fagaras and Rupea, the development of the Aurochs Reserve of Vama Buzaului, the restoration of the old-fashioned train on narrow gauge from Brasov to Zarnesti, the development of recreation facilities in the county.

2013 – the ultimate goal

At the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, Brasov had a generous exhibition area within the Official Stand of Romania. Brasov county also covered part of the artistic program: 4 popular artists interpreted representative folkloric songs and a local artisan created and exhibited traditional dolls. The visitors tasted the local gastronomy.
Brasov is one of the main touring destinations in Romania. About half a million tourists visit Brasov each year. The main points of attraction in the county are: the historic city, the ski slopes in Poiana Brasov and Predeal, the agro-touring areas of Bran, Moieciu and Vama Buzaului, Bran Castle, the strongholds of Fagaras, Rasnov and Rupea and the fortified churches of the Saxon villages. As president Cancescu stated, „the touring identity project of Brasov county is part of a large development strategy that has as ultimate goal the establishment of a mature touring offer by 2013, when Brasov will be the host of the Olympic Festival of European Youth”.


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