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Nr: 42-43
January-February 2008

Braşovul la Bruxelles
Meeting in Brussels
Reabilitarea Bisericii ?Sfântul Nicolae?
The renewal of ?Sf. Nicolae? Church
Le ravalement de l?Eglise ?Sf. Nicolae?
Il restauro della Chiesa ?Sf. Nicolae?
Bucătăria tradiţională braşoveană
Brasov?s Authentic
Authentique de Brasov
Autentico di Brasov
Banca Mondială sprijină Braşovul
The Roundabout Road
La voie-détour de Brasov
La tangenziale di Brasov
Bilanţul Instituţiei Prefectului
The Prefect?s Institution Balance
Le Bilan de l?Institution du Préfet
Il bilancio dell?Istituzione del Prefetto
Fosnich - Obicei specific la Rupea, Homorod, Buneşti, Dăişoara
The Vicinity
Les Voisinages
Le Vicinanze
Informator turistic la Bran
Touring Informant at Bran
Informateur touristique à Bran
Informatore turistico a Bran
Codlea, oraşul din Ţara Bârsei
The Town of Flowers
La ville des fleurs
La città dei fiori
Iarna la Predeal
Predeal in Winter
Predeal en hiver
Predeal nell?inverno
Unirea Principatelor Române
The Feast of January 24
La fête du 24 Janvier
La festa del 24 Gennaio
Omagiu lui Valentin Bakfark
The Renaissance Year
L?Anno Rinascimentale
Consulat britanic la Braşov
British Consulate at Brasov
Consulat Britannique à Brasov
Consolato Britannico a Brasov
Teliu, capitala melcilor
The Snails Factory
La Fabrique d?Escargots
La Fabbrica di Lumache
Aro-Palace - Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five stars tourism
Tourisme de 5 étoiles
Turismo di cinque stelle
Dezvoltarea metropolitană
Metropolitan Strategy in Brasov
Stratégie métropolitaine à Brasov
Strategia metropolitana a Brasov
Hiperdia - 10 ani de activitate
Hiperdia: 10 years after
Hiperdia, 10 ans après
Hiperdia, 10 anni dopo
Serviciul Evidenţa Persoanelor, modernizat
Voice-Data Communications
Comunicazioni Voce-Dati

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Hiperdia: 10 years after


After almost 10 years on the medical services market, Hiperdia has a new high performance service to offer to all the patients and doctors in Brasov and surroundings: the Magnetic Nuclear Resonance (RMN). This medical service is now available in Brasov in a private clinic, due to an investment of one million euro consisting in the most performing RMN device in Romania - Siemens Magnetom Simphony of 1,5 Tesla, produced in 2007.

15 million Euros Transaction

Bedminster Capital Management LLC (?Bedminster?), the administrator of the Southeast Europe Equity Fund II, L.P.?s investments fund (?SEEF II?) has took over a 65% package of the shares of Hiperdia SA, the main supplier of imagistic diagnosis medical services of Romania. The transaction?s amount reaches 15 million euros.
Bedminster?s president, Ron Drake, showed himself extremely delighted and enthusiastic about the investment and announced that SEEF II will put at the disposal of Hiperdia its entire resources and experience.

Extended Presence in Romania

Tiberiu Roth, board chairman and General Manager of Hiperdia, highly appreciates the experience SEEF II will bring into the body of the shareholders. ?Together we will continue the successful implementation of our company?s initiatives: medical services of exceptional quality and the continuation of the investments? program, in order to extend our presence in Romania?.

?With the people, for the people?

Hiperdia?s board organized at Aro Palace Restaurant an event to congratulate its collaborators and to announce the company?s projects for 2008.
Tiberiu Roth reminded that 2007 represented for Hiperdia the confirmation of the efforts to ensure top medical services, using the most advances technologies and an elite medical corps, according to the slogan ?With the people, for the people?. After 10 years since the opening of its first clinic, 2008 will enforce the place earned by Hiperdia within the community and the medical world.


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