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Nr: 40-41
November-December 2007

"Deschide uşa creştine!"
Christian Customs
Coutumes de Noël
Costumi di Natale
Un an de activitate a Agenţiei de Dezvoltare Durabilă a Judeţului Braşov
The Lasting Development Agency
L'Agence de Développement Durable
L'Agenzia di Sviluppo Duraturo
Aro Palace - Revelion 2008
ARO PALACE - a Dream Choice
Junii Braşovului în imagini
The Juni' Flags
Les Bannières des Juni
Ofertă specială la Predeal
The Touring Informant
Informateur touristique
Informatore turistico
Delegaţia Provinciei Liaoning la Braşov
Chinese Delegation in Brasov
Delegation chinoise à Brasov
Delegazione cinese a Brasov
Conferinţa Internaţională "15 Noiembrie '87"
15th November 1987
Le 15 Novembre 1987
Il 15 Novembre 1987
Braşov - oraş din poveste
The Fairy-tales Town
La ville des contes de fées
La città delle favole
80 de ani de industrie de aviaţie la Braşov
IAR SA still flies after 80 years
IAR SA vole encore depuis 80 ans
IAR SA vola ancora a 80 anni
Bisericile săseşti, redate circuitului turistic
Zonal Planning Surveys
Plans Urbanistiques
Piani Urbanistici
Zilele Comunei Budila
Budila's Days
Les Jours de Budila
I Giorni di Budila
Obiceiuri de iarnă la Codlea
The Divinity's Mask
Le masque de la divinité
La maschera della divinità
Prejemer, pol al industriei braşovene
The Industrial Park Prejmer
Le Parc Industriel Prejmer
Il Parco Industriale Prejmer
Crăciun la Comăna de Jos
The Youths Host
La bande des jeunes
La comitiva dei giovani
Zoritorii din Cristian
Downers and Investments
Aubeurs et investisseurs
Becleanul magic
The magic Beclean
Le Beclean magique
Hălchiul de altădată
Past and Future at Halchiu
Passe et futur à Halchiu
Passato e futuro a Halchiu
Muzeul "Casa Mureşenilor"
"Casa Muresenilor" Museum

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The Youths Host


The most ancient document attesting a host of Transylvania dates back to October 21, 1767. There is a document written in Cyrillicm talking about the youth host of Comana de Jos, known under the name "Obcina". Another historical testimony is the description of the Ploughmen costume, dating back to 1890.

"Turca"- the masked Costume

The youth host of Comana de Jos, settled by rules and norms, is animated by 5 youths which ages goes from 16 to 21 years. Every year, at the beginning of December, the young boys pay visit to their host, whom they bring a battle of plum brandy. In this occasion, they engage the fiddlers. The next traditional step in celebrating Christmas is the sewing of "Turca", the mask that will accompany the host all along the feasts. Till Christmas Eve, the youths gather at their host's to rehearse.

The fine cooked Meatloaf

The mayor of Comana de Jos, Alexandru Elekes, speaks with pleasure about the commune's costumes: "The preparation of the traditional meals is the main preoccupation of the housewives. They must also clean the house, in order to welcome Christmas in the proper manner. Everybody must to put a fine cooked meatloaf on the table. In Comana, the traditions are very well conserved and celebrated today as the used to be once".

Archaic Cults

The members of the host attend the religious service officiated on Christmas morning, when they receive the priest blessing. The masked men' costume is connected to an archaic dead cult, celebrated in all the funerary rituals, not only in the Romania, but also in other parts of the world. The phenomenon reflects the reshaping of the Nativity myth and the entire popular mythology after the biblical myths.


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