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Nr: 38-39
September-October 2007

Garofiţa Pietrei Craiului
The Arts? International Festival
Le Festival International des Arts
Il Festival Internazionale delle Arti
Invitaţie la Augustin
The Daces? Inheritors
Les Héritiers des Daces
Gli eredi dei Daci
Hiperdia: magnetul sănătăţii
Hiperdia: A Real Health Resonator
Hiperdia - le résonateur de santé
Hiperdia ? il risonatore di salute
Zilele Hărmanului
Harman?s Days
Les Jours de Harman
I Giorni di Harman
Gospodarul Vamasan
Vama Buzaului?s Householder
Le Fermier de Vama Buzaului
Il massaio di Vama Buzaului
Dumbrăviţa ? 500 de ani de existenţă
500 Years of Existence
500 ans d?existence
500 anni d?esistenza
Zărneştiul în sărbătoare
Zarnesti?s Days
Les Jour de Zarnesti
I Giorni di Zarnesti
Kronstadt Jazz Festival
Kronstadt Jazz Festival
Kronstadt Jazz Festival
Kronstadt Jazz Festival
Romanian Electronic Festival
Romanian Electronic Festival
Le Festival Electronique Roumain
Il Festival Elettronico Romeno
ATV Pompier la Moieciu
Polaris ATV Fire-fighter
Pompier ATV Polaris
Vigile del fuoco ATV Polaris
Sărbătorile Hălchiului
Halchiu?s Feast
Les Fêtes de Halchiu
Le Feste di Halchiu
Predealul, paradisul turiştilor
Predeal, the Tourists' Paradise
Predeal, le paradis des touristes
Predealul, il paradiso dei turisti
Prima femeie prefect la Braşov
The first Women Prefect
La première femme préfet
La prima donna prefetto
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
5 stars Tourism in Brasov
Tourisme de 5 étoiles à Brasov
Turismo di 5 stelle a Brasov
Expoziţie de mozaic
Mosaic Display
Exposition de mosaïque
Mostra di mosaico
Cetatea muzicală
The Musical Citadel

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The Arts? International Festival

Brasov hosted between 6th and 9th of September the first edition of the Art?s International Festival. The event, organized by County Council of Brasov, the Cultural Centre ?Reduta? and the Brasov?s Regional Center of Promoting and Preserving Traditional Culture, was dedicated to the folklore. It was attended by ten folkloric ensembles, from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Turkey.

Traditional Clothes Parade
The parade of international traditional clothes was a big hit in Brasov, attracting many admirers. The parade began with the traditional music of every group, and then it went from Republicii street to Muresenilor, to town?s hall and then to the County Council?s building. The people of Brasov have admired the bongos and the Turkish drums, the Bulgarian bagpipes, the Romanian whistles and the dances of Serbians, Hungarians, Romanians or Greeks.

Street shows
Every one danced and sang, performing real street shows in the Central Piazza, where lots of foreign delegations and Romanian tourists have watch them.
The officials of Brasov have transmitted messages to the participants and offered them gifts.
The president of the County Council, Aristotel Cancescu, declared: ?we are happy that we are able to sustain international festivals in Brasov. Only this year, the County Council has invested important amounts in organizing these kind of festivals: the Medieval Festival, The ?Kronstadt Jazz Festival? and, finally, the Art?s International Festival. Therefore , we can say that, beside Sibiu, which is the European Cultural Capital, Brasov can definitely be considered an European cultural centre and could become the first tourist county in the country.?

A generous Idea
The participants had shows also in Bran, Poiana Brasov and Prejmer. The closure of the festival and the gala attracted many viewers. Next year, the festival will have a new section: choirs from neighbour countries. Ion Popescu Topolog, the manager of Reduta Cultural Centre declared himself happy that ?the first edition of the festival was an idea born in the Reduta centre?.


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