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Nr: 34-35
May-June 2007

Poienile cu narcise
The Narcissi Glades
Les clairières aux narcisses
Le radure dei narcisi
Reabilitarea drumurilor din judeţ
The French Channel of the Roads
La filière française des voies
La filiera francese delle vie
Zlele Braşovului
Brasov's Days
Les Jours de Brasov
I Giorni di Brasov
Ziua Europei
The Europe's Day
Le Jour de l'Europe
Il Giorno dell'Europa
Aro Palace - Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism at Aro Palace
Tourisme de cinq étoiles a Aro Palace
Turismo di cinque stelle ad Aro Palace
Sărbătorile Codlei
Codlea's Feast
Les Fêtes de Codlea
Le Feste di Codlea
"Înălţarea" la Bod
The Ascension at Bod
L?Ascension à Bod
La Festa dell'Ascensione
Invitaţie la Hălchiu
Evangelic Feast at Halchiu
Fête évangélique a Halchiu
Festa evangelica a Hălchiu
Cetatea Homorodului
A priceless patrimony
Les origines d'Homorod
Gli origini di Homorod
Sezonul estival la Predeal
Summer at Predeal
L?été à Predeal
L'estate a Predeal
Înfrăţire Mentana - Moieciu
Jumelage Mentana - Moieciu
Gemellaggio Mentana - Moieciu
Sânpetru şi cetatea săsească
The Saxon air of Sanpetru
L'Air saxon de Sanpetru
L'Aria sassone di Sanpetru
Ticuşul Vechi - un drum medieval
Mid-way between the Citadels
À mi-chemin entre les Citadelles
A mezza strada tra le Citadelle
Vama Buzăului - o aşezare românească
At the History Crossroads
A la croisée de l?Histoire
All'incorcio della Storia
Sărbătorile Vulcanului
Vulcan's Feast
La Fête de Vulcan
La Festa di Vulcan
Invitaţie la Muzeul de Artă
The Museum of Art Braşov
Le Musée d?Art Brasov
Il Museo d'Arté Braşov

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Brasov's Days


Within 12-15 April, thousands of tourists from Romania and abroad flocked to attend the sixth edition of Brasov?s Days, organized by the Town Hall Brasov. The official opening was also marked by the handing over of the album ?Brasov, the children? citadel? by the pupils of several local elementary schools and the launch of the anthology ?Brasov in one hundred poetries? by Nicolae Stoe, written in Romanian, French, English and German.

Tinned Towns? Guests

Mayor George Scripcaru welcomed his guests with music, champagne and the traditional bread and salt. Among them, personalities of six towns connected through the twinning procedure with Brasov: Holstebro (Denmark), Minsk (Belarus), Trikala (Greece), Rishon Le Zion (Israel), Tours (France).
The spectators had the opportunity to admire the gigantesque parade, included an old cars parade and the exhibition of the trucks made at ?Roman? factory.
During the four days of feast, the town hosted various entertaining events, The Flowers Fair at Piata Sfatului, the Artisans Fair, exceptional shows performed by Romanian and foreign guests and the Touring Fair with promotional offer.

The Popular Artisans Fair

Popular artisans from all over the country were gathered by the Association of the Popular Creators of Romania (ACPR) to promote their products and inform the visitors about the Romanian traditional art. Among the exhibits there were tissues, popular clothes and accessories, musical instruments, naïve paintings, wood sculpture and crystals.

The Juni? Parade

As every year, the main attraction of the event was the parade of Junii Brasoveni, the mounted inhabitants of the old town, the treasurers of the ancient habits of Brasov. More than 100 men on horseback ? Junii Tineri, Batrani, Brasovecheni, Curcani, Dorobanti, Rosiori, Albiori ? splendidly paraded on the streets.

At Solomon?s Rocks

After covering the usual itinerary in the firts Sunday after Eastern, Junii, accompanied by the crowd, went to Solomon?s Rocks, where they compete in throwing the mace and dancing. Each group set at its table, marked by a special flag. The groups? leaders saluted their ones with the traditional Eastern salute, pronounced in Greek language too.

Myth, Rituals and Magic

The Juni costume is profoundly related to the Spring. Every year, the first going out happened on Annunciation (March 25), but the most exciting events occur around the Resurrection Day, starting with the Eastern Sunday, for all the Holly Week long. Beyond the magnificent show there are ceremonial elements, myth, rituals and magic, on their three dimensions: youthful and heroic, mixed later with Christian significances, mainly paschal.
Junii treasure the admittance rules into their bands as well as regarding the moments and places to celebrate the costume, the pies? recipes, the ritual meals, the specific round-dance, the mace?s throwing as a ritual to chase away the maleficent spirits, the horses? adornment.


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