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Nr: 34-35
May-June 2007

Poienile cu narcise
The Narcissi Glades
Les clairières aux narcisses
Le radure dei narcisi
Reabilitarea drumurilor din judeţ
The French Channel of the Roads
La filière française des voies
La filiera francese delle vie
Zlele Braşovului
Brasov's Days
Les Jours de Brasov
I Giorni di Brasov
Ziua Europei
The Europe's Day
Le Jour de l'Europe
Il Giorno dell'Europa
Aro Palace - Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism at Aro Palace
Tourisme de cinq étoiles a Aro Palace
Turismo di cinque stelle ad Aro Palace
Sărbătorile Codlei
Codlea's Feast
Les Fêtes de Codlea
Le Feste di Codlea
"Înălţarea" la Bod
The Ascension at Bod
L?Ascension à Bod
La Festa dell'Ascensione
Invitaţie la Hălchiu
Evangelic Feast at Halchiu
Fête évangélique a Halchiu
Festa evangelica a Hălchiu
Cetatea Homorodului
A priceless patrimony
Les origines d'Homorod
Gli origini di Homorod
Sezonul estival la Predeal
Summer at Predeal
L?été à Predeal
L'estate a Predeal
Înfrăţire Mentana - Moieciu
Jumelage Mentana - Moieciu
Gemellaggio Mentana - Moieciu
Sânpetru şi cetatea săsească
The Saxon air of Sanpetru
L'Air saxon de Sanpetru
L'Aria sassone di Sanpetru
Ticuşul Vechi - un drum medieval
Mid-way between the Citadels
À mi-chemin entre les Citadelles
A mezza strada tra le Citadelle
Vama Buzăului - o aşezare românească
At the History Crossroads
A la croisée de l?Histoire
All'incorcio della Storia
Sărbătorile Vulcanului
Vulcan's Feast
La Fête de Vulcan
La Festa di Vulcan
Invitaţie la Muzeul de Artă
The Museum of Art Braşov
Le Musée d?Art Brasov
Il Museo d'Arté Braşov

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Mid-way between the Citadels

Ticusul Vechi commune is located at the right bank of river Olt, mid-way between the Citadels Fagaras and Rupea. A medieval road crosses the commune, which origins seem to go back to the Romans times. There is a multiethnic community, where Romanians, Magyars and the few German families harmoniously live together.

Saxons and Romanian Settlers

The first mention of Ticusul Vechi goes back to 1373, but there are reasons to think that the commune is even more ancient. In 1520, the pay office of Sibiu paid an amount for some defence works in the commune; there is room to believe that the northern wall of the evangelic church and its two towers were built then. In 1532, the Romanians immigrated in Ticus were settled by the Saxons on the right bank of river Olt, to defend the boundaries. This is how Ticusul Nou came to life.
The evangelic church of Ticusul Vechi is among the historical monuments of the county. Its tower was built between 1804 and1806, after the earthquake of 1802.

Cultural Inheritance

The commune still conserves today a reach cultural inheritance, very accurately kept, including the surprisingly varied local specificity.
The mayor Emil Mircea Schiopea has strong arguments for those eager to know this unpolluted and splendid area: ?There are huge possibilities of investments in various fields; the commune has a reach natural potential, hospitable inhabitants and an impressive cultural and historical patrimony?.

Ticusul Vechi

198, Ticusul Vechi, Brasov county
Phone/fax: +40 268 285 828.


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