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Nr: 26-27
September-October 2006

Porţi superbe şi Artişti populari
Splendid Gates and Popular Artisans
Porte magnifiche ed artigiani popolari
Făgăraşul medieval
The Stronghold, the Castle and the Museum
La Fortezza, il Castello ed il Museo
Drumuri mai bune în judeţul Braşov
Driving easier and safely
Plus facile à conduire
Târgul de vară Moieciu
Summer Fair Moieciu
La Foire d?Eté Moieciu
Gospodarul vămăşean
?The Householder of Vama Buzaului?
?Le fermier de Vama Buzaului?
Zilele Tărlungeniului
Tărlungeni's Days
Les jours de Tărlungeni
I giorni di Tărlungeni
Alai la Dumbraviţa
Dumbravita?s Days
Les Jours de Dumbravita
Fiii satului la Hărman
Harman?s Days
I Giorni di Harman
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism in Brasov
Turismo di cinque stelle a Brasov
Refacerea rezervaţiilor la Racoş
Sanctuaries, Amber and Basalt
Sanctuaires, Ambre et Basalte
Floare de colţ la Zărneşti
Zanesti?s Days
Les Jours de Zarnesti
I Giorni di Zarnesti
Comăna aniversară
Feast at Comana de Jos
Fête à Comana de Jos
Silvoturism la Apaţa
Sylvan Tourism at Apata
Turismo silvico a Apata
Hălchiul în sărbătoare
Businesses and Leisure
Affaires et loisir
Festivalul Cetăţii la Rupea
The Stronghold Festival
Il Festival della Fortezza
Şah internaţional la Predeal
The biggest Chess Contest
La maggior gara scacchistica
Infrastructura de afaceri
Brasov follows the French Model
Brasov suit le modèle français
Campionatul National de Modeling - Ghimbav

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Driving easier and safely


The inconveniences caused by the difficult roads connecting the capital to Brasov or the roundabouts designed to divert the heavy traffic are now history. The highway Bucharest-Brasov, DN 1A Cheia-Sacele-Brasov and DN 1E Brasov-Rasnov became secure roads, where the tourists can drive safely and pleasantly.

High Level Inspection

The Transports minister Radu Berceanu, recently inspected the roads connecting Bucharest to Brasov and the county roads, assisted by the Prefect Aurelian Danu and the mayor George Scripcaru. Although DN 1 from Ploiesti to Sacele and the sector Rasnov-Poiana Brasov caused a lots of problems the last winter, they are now sure roads. The heavy traffic was diverted on DN 1, in order to deplete Bucuresti-Brasov road. The tourists arriving from Otopeni airport can drive safely and conveniently to Brasov.

Changes and Interventions

The prefect Danu stated that the roads will be classified according the vehicles: ?Changes will be made where necessary, for instance where the curves don?t allow two tracks to pass one another. The landslides caused by the rainfalls require an immediate intervention. The road and the railway will be levelled away?.

A metropolitan Area

The infrastructure is a priority on the mayor?s agenda. ?Many tourists who visited Brasov noticed the improvements we have made on the thoroughfare. Our interest is to attract as many tourists as possible by offering them the best conditions, in order to persuade them to spend the vacation here. We have a touring offer potential all the year round. Even the European Union?s representatives agreed our country has touring potential?, mayor Scripcaru stated.

Diaspora Lobby

The rehabilitation of the roads also facilitates the mission of the Romanian Diaspora, preoccupied to develop various relationships between Brasov and other metropolitan areas in the world. The couple Vasile and Doina Dolbea, residents in Germany, supported by Mariana Alexe, fought to establish friendly relationship between Brasov and Nuremberg; their goal to persuade the German investors to come in Brasov will be now easier to accomplish.


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