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Nr: 26-27
September-October 2006

Porţi superbe şi Artişti populari
Splendid Gates and Popular Artisans
Porte magnifiche ed artigiani popolari
Făgăraşul medieval
The Stronghold, the Castle and the Museum
La Fortezza, il Castello ed il Museo
Drumuri mai bune în judeţul Braşov
Driving easier and safely
Plus facile à conduire
Târgul de vară Moieciu
Summer Fair Moieciu
La Foire d?Eté Moieciu
Gospodarul vămăşean
?The Householder of Vama Buzaului?
?Le fermier de Vama Buzaului?
Zilele Tărlungeniului
Tărlungeni's Days
Les jours de Tărlungeni
I giorni di Tărlungeni
Alai la Dumbraviţa
Dumbravita?s Days
Les Jours de Dumbravita
Fiii satului la Hărman
Harman?s Days
I Giorni di Harman
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism in Brasov
Turismo di cinque stelle a Brasov
Refacerea rezervaţiilor la Racoş
Sanctuaries, Amber and Basalt
Sanctuaires, Ambre et Basalte
Floare de colţ la Zărneşti
Zanesti?s Days
Les Jours de Zarnesti
I Giorni di Zarnesti
Comăna aniversară
Feast at Comana de Jos
Fête à Comana de Jos
Silvoturism la Apaţa
Sylvan Tourism at Apata
Turismo silvico a Apata
Hălchiul în sărbătoare
Businesses and Leisure
Affaires et loisir
Festivalul Cetăţii la Rupea
The Stronghold Festival
Il Festival della Fortezza
Şah internaţional la Predeal
The biggest Chess Contest
La maggior gara scacchistica
Infrastructura de afaceri
Brasov follows the French Model
Brasov suit le modèle français
Campionatul National de Modeling - Ghimbav

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Sylvan Tourism at Apata



Located near the European road connecting Brasov to Sighisoara, Apata commune boasts an enviable habitat. The coniferous and broad-leave trees host an extremely rich venatorial patrimony, which attract lots of hunting fiends. The lakes and ponds in the surroundings offer the tourists a tempting entertainment.

Venatorial Evening

According to the mayor Iuliu Boloni, a growing number of tourists practice the sylvan tourism in the area: ?We have a reach hunting treasure ? boars, bears, deers, wolfs and rabbits. No hunter returns home without having shot some pray and the most skilled got trophies?. Each hunt is usually followed by a traditional venatorial evening, which is a good occasion to taste an exquisite gastronomy. Around the fire camp, the hunters tell theirs adventures, blowing theirs? own trumpets.
No Poachers
As mayor Boloni said, there is a special service within the town hall, getting the laws obeyed, in collaboration with the foresters. ?We watch very carefully any possible poach case. Everybody must to observe the hunting rules and pay the due taxes. Nobody can enter the forest and do whatever he wants. One must respect the nature and the laws that govern the forest regime?.

Vacation Area

In order to ensure accommodation to the tourists came to practice sylvan and fishing touring, but also other recreation activities, the Apata town hall develops a touring area with 200 vacation houses, boarding houses and hotels through European funds. The town hall also supports an investor who wants to build a natural holiday village.

Hungarian Donuts

There are many other entertainment options for the tourists: one day trips, sightseeing on cart, the Hungarian gastronomy, visits at the local church ? of patrimonial value ? and the local museum, built with the support of Apaczai Foundation. The food is entirely ecological (eggs, bacon, cream, pork, chicken, fruits and vegetable). Those who taste once the Csoroe donuts made by the Hungarian women will never forget it.


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