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Nr: 22
May- 2006

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The totemic Sculptor



The painter and sculptor in roots Laszlo Balogh varnished at the Art Museum?s galleries an exceptional exhibit. On this occasions the author also launched a poetry volume entitled ?Acoustic Diamonds?. The sculptures he has presented reveal a totemic inspiration; each item contains four parts: the three kingdom ? mineral, vegetal and animal ? and the message as symbol.
Until now the sculptor manufactured around 4000 totemic items, bought by worldwide collectors from more than 30 countries. The varnishing, that took place on 5th May, is his fifth personal exhibit and includes 20 paintings and 20 sculptures.

About the Totem
The totem represents an animal, a plant or a sculptural object considered and worshiped by some primitive tribes as the ancestor and protector of the community, ?This kind of cult items are used to perform their rituals by Australian aboriginals, in Oceania, at the Indians in North America, in Oriental India and at some African tribes. Totems incorporate elements fro the three kingdoms: vegetal, mineral and animal. The totemic inspiration sculpture is figured by the sculptor such as to include all the three kingdoms: the pedestal made of rock, the body sculptured in roots and a stylized human face. The pedestal suggest the perfection of the primordial status The pine always green and the unspoiled resin symbolise the eternity. The face incorporates features taken from various human races? sculptor Balogh reveals.

Extramundane Mythology
Each item sculpted in combined and simple roots represents, in at least one hypostasis, the cipher seven. ?The magic cipher seven, present in each work of mine, represents the phases of the divinity?s becoming: Chaos, Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth, Life and Eternity. The sculptures figure various divinities and spirits that I?ve imagined as protecting forces of the modern man. None of those creatures is connected to the mythologies on Earth. I create spirits and divinities for the contemporaneous human being. For instance, in the one piece roots sculptures I figured ,,The God of Meditation? or ?The Wood?s Spirit? ? this is my way to exhort people to respect and protect nature.

Sophisticated Process
Very sensible at the nature?s forms, artiste Balogh started by gathering roots with natural forms, exercising on them his new art, using special tools. For seven years the artiste has been accomplishing his technique, without nobody?s help or counsel. He finally ideated a sophisticated process, through which passes every piece of wood: the material?s processing, the cleaning operation, the eye draught carving, the seasoning, the first treatment (a niggling work), the polishing (a very hard and dusty work), the second treatment, the varnishing and finally the work assembling.
Each item is a unique piece with its own philosophy; the author is the only one artiste in Romania who makes sculptures of totemic inspiration.

Laszlo Balogh
Phone: +40 268 270 072; +40 744 290 980
Address: 1A Narciselor Street, 505600 Săcele-Braşov România


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