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Nr: 20-21
March-April 2006

Învierea Domnului
Religion on Eggs
Reţeta turismului de succes
The successful Tourism Recipe
Ricetta del turismo d?esito
Turismul ? o prioritate economică
Moieciu, a reach patrimony
Moieciu, un riche patrimoine
Spitalul de Urgenţă
Emergency Hospital
Hopital d?Urgence
?Purim? ? sărbătoarea bucuriei la evrei
Purim ? the Feast of Joy
Pourim ? la fête de la joie
Complexul Sportiv Naţional Poiana Braşov
The last State Facility
L?ultimo stabilimento di stato
Sărbătorile la Cristian
The Tradition?s Oak
Le chêne de la tradition
La quercia della tradizione
Tradiţii autentice la Apaţa
La Semaine des sottises
La Settimana delle schiocchezze
Intercomunalitate şi dezvoltare locală
Intercommunality and local Development
Intercommunicalité et développement local
Lupta împotriva cancerului
The Fight against Cancer
La lutte contre le cancer
La lotta contro il cancro
Modernizarea învăţământului
Educating Mind and Body
Eduquer le corps et l?esprit
Maghiarii în sărbătoare
Symbols and Practices
Symboles et Pratiques
Predeal ? pentru toate vârstele
Predeal for all ages
Predeal pour tous les âges
Oraşul Codlea, oraşul florilor
The Flowers? Town
La vile des fleurs
La città dei fiori
Parcul Industrial Metrom
Looking for a Market
Alla ricerca di un mercato
Roata în flăcări
The Wheel on Fire
La Ruota in fiamme
Punte de suflet între Braşov şi Mehedinţi
The Art?s Common Language
Le langage commun de l?art
Il linguaggio comune dell?arte
Acţiune umanitară germano-română
Ina Schaeffler against the Floods
Ina Schaeffler contro gli allagamenti
Turismul balnear
Balneary Tourism

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The last State Facility



The National Sporting Complex, located in Poiana Braşov, includes two hotels, a sporting base, a physical recovery facility and a conferences hall. The Complex is included into The National Sport Agency, being the last state facility in Poiana Braşov, with still functional accommodation and dinner areas. It is 12 km distant from Braşov and 175 from Bucharest, located at 1.030 m altitude, a pure oxygen area, very appropriate to prepare and recuperate athletes of the national and Olympic teams during the whole year.

Complex?s Endowments
- Caraiman Hotel: 54 double rooms and 12 singles with internal stairs. The restaurant?s capacity is 150 places and 30 places at the bar. The renting centre offers the clients ski equipment.
- Olympic Hotel: 50 double rooms and 3 suites. The restaurant has 170 places.
- The Sporting Base includes synthetic courses for the athletes?training, an artificial ice rink, a wrestling and basket hall and another one for judo and fencing. Lots of athletes such as Elisabeta Lipa, Nicu Vlad, Gabriela Szabo, Laura Badea, Violeta Beclea, Ion Draica, Marian Sandu, Elena Iagăr made their trening here and consacrate Romania in the whole world.
- The Physical Recovery Facility for athletes dispose of sauna and massage areas, physical recovery pool, Scottish showers, consulting room with qualified staff.
- Physiotherapy and Jacuzzi pool to integrate the necessary endowment to recover in very short time the athletes? physical shape.
- Recreation area ? the athletes can relax in their spare time by visiting special objectives in Braşov and the surroundings or by practicing season?s games.

Quality Services
County counsellor Vasile Ungureanu, general manager of the Complex, is decided to accomplish large works to extend and modernize the existent establishments. ,,We already provide everything for the quartering of the national and Olympic teams. We have the best athletic field and we organize national and international championships. Teams from all the continents have been accommodated here. The quality of the services is very important for us, because the staff is highly qualified. There is a lot of work to all year long, although many of our employees chose to work abroad. We charge different tariffs for the national and Olympic teams, for the federations, for the clubs, and for the tourists? Ungureanu stated.

Full Autonomy
Although the unit is coordinated by the National Agency for Sport, it has fully autonomy to put the location at the disposal of the best payer. ?As a general rule, we are announced 15 days before by the solicitors. The National Agency keeps permanently in touch with the Olympic teams wishing to be accommodated here. We are able to offer them quality quartering conditions, thanks to the investments we?ve made. We wish to invest in the sporting base development and the polyvalent indoor facilities. We also want to cover the ice rink, reset the bob and slay slope in order to get prepared for international contests? manager Ungureanu concluded.

Headquarters: Poiana Braşov, Braşov county
Phone/fax: +40268 262 309
e-mail: csnpoiana@xnet.ro
Hotel Caraiman: phone +40268 262 061; +40268 262 420
Hotel Olympic: phone +40268 262 355


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