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Nr: 174-177
January-April 2019

Trasee tematice
Thematic routes
Tematikus ösvények
Patrimoniul cultural forestier
The forestry cultural assets
Der Forst und das Kulturerbe
Erdészeti kulturális örökségünk
Brașovul verde
Brasov – a ‘green’ city
Das grüne Kronstadt
Zöld Brassó
„Flori în Ţara Bârsei”
‘Flowers in Ţara Bârsei Region’
„Blumen im Burzenland“
Barcaság virágai
Ieșirea cu surla
The trumpet procession
Der Schalmei-Zug
Kivonulás a síppal
Ceasuri ţărăneşti
Traditional clocks
Uhren im ländlichen Stil
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Exlibris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Portul de sărbătoare al brașovenilor
Brasov people’s traditional holiday garments
Die Festtracht der Kronstädter
Brassóiak történelmi viselete
Magia vieții sălbatice
The magic of wild life
Der Zauber der Wildnis
A vadon varázsa
Verdele smarald al Zărneștiului
Emerald green of Zarnesti
Das Smaragdgrün von Zărnești
Zernyest smaragdzöldje
ADN-ul iei românești
The DNA of the ‘ie’ - the Romanian Traditional Blouse
Das DNA der rumänischen Trachtenbluse
Román parasztingek DNS-e

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This year, SlanaFest reached Brasov for the second time, organised by the Fellowship of Craftsmen in Transylvania and the Association of Hungarian Householders from Brasov. The Festival was organized in the yard of the Hungarian Evangelical Church and has proved to be a great success. Butcheries and villagers from Brasov participated and they competed with their own bacon. The stands were full of culinary delicatessen to the joy of the consumers who were eager to taste them.

• Demanding jury

Within the fair of small local producers, separate judging was done for bacon, sausages and traditional cold cuts. The best bacon was rewarded.
The jury was made up of dr. Siko Barabasi Sandor – President, the Manager of the Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety Department Covasna, Sebastian Dan – the Manager of Brasov Branch of the Cultural Association Euro Est Alternativ (ACEEA), Kokoksi Hajnal – the winner of 2018 edition of SlanaFest Brasov and Koszta Istvan, from the hosts.

• The best bacon

The best bacon, following the judging, was appointed to be the one brought by Halmagy Csaba. Its secret was disclosed: during the preparation process, after the raw bacon is preserved in salt, it stays for three more days in sauerkraut. Then it is aired in the wind to dry and smoked. The second place was awarded to a villager from Budila, Csiki Kalman, and third to one from Apata, Lasazlo Attila.

• Chocolate pralines with bacon

Everyone was impressed by a food no one expected: the chocolate pralines of Mihaela Tatiana Ulman, pastry chef and ACEEA member. She declared that for her, participating in an even such as SlanaFest was quite a challenge and tried to combine chocolate and bacon.



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