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Nr: 174-177
January-April 2019

Trasee tematice
Thematic routes
Tematikus ösvények
Patrimoniul cultural forestier
The forestry cultural assets
Der Forst und das Kulturerbe
Erdészeti kulturális örökségünk
Brașovul verde
Brasov – a ‘green’ city
Das grüne Kronstadt
Zöld Brassó
„Flori în Ţara Bârsei”
‘Flowers in Ţara Bârsei Region’
„Blumen im Burzenland“
Barcaság virágai
Ieșirea cu surla
The trumpet procession
Der Schalmei-Zug
Kivonulás a síppal
Ceasuri ţărăneşti
Traditional clocks
Uhren im ländlichen Stil
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Exlibris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Portul de sărbătoare al brașovenilor
Brasov people’s traditional holiday garments
Die Festtracht der Kronstädter
Brassóiak történelmi viselete
Magia vieții sălbatice
The magic of wild life
Der Zauber der Wildnis
A vadon varázsa
Verdele smarald al Zărneștiului
Emerald green of Zarnesti
Das Smaragdgrün von Zărnești
Zernyest smaragdzöldje
ADN-ul iei românești
The DNA of the ‘ie’ - the Romanian Traditional Blouse
Das DNA der rumänischen Trachtenbluse
Román parasztingek DNS-e

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Brasov people’s traditional holiday garments



Until May 2019, the National Museum of Romanian History of Bucharest hosts the exhibition ‘Cultural Identity, Elegance and Clothing of Romanians in Brasov (1700-1939)’. The public now has the rare opportunity to admire the fabulous traditional urban costumes of the Romanians in Brasov, as well as other Romanian costumes and the traditional garments of the ‘Juni’ – an association of young men from Schei and Brasovechi districts. The exhibition includes old costumes that are considered the most beautiful and sophisticated Romanian costumes in the region of Transylvania.

• Decorating clothes

‘This cultural event brings into the limelight certain national, military and royal emblems and symbols that the people in the Schei area used for decorating their clothes – the tricolour flag, the royal motto, the royal monogram of King Carol I. The visitors will discover the traditional holiday clothes of Brasov people, the so-called “Romanian clothes”, traditional urban garments unique in Transylvania, as well as the traditional costume that inspired the clothes of the ‘Juni’ of Schei and Brasovechi – shirts embroidered with ancient magic symbols and decorated with thousands of gold-plated silver butterflies made of sequins’, declared Mr. Alexandru Stănescu, PhD, historian.

• The folk costume

The exhibition includes mannequins dressed in the exquisite traditional costume from the Brasov region, in Călușari garments, in White National ‘June’ or Red ‘June’. Some of the mannequins are wearing wedding or princess gowns, characteristics for the ladies of the days of yore, or clothes made of high quality brocade, sewn with silver thread and featuring belts with big buckles made of gold-plated silver. Even though this exhibition is temporary, tourists can admire the beautiful garments of the Schei people throughout the year at the ‘Casa Junilor’ Museum in Brasov.

• The dress code

The exhibition focuses both on the dress code of the old Romanian Community in Brasov, and on the relationships between the Brasov inhabitants and Juni and the Royal Family between 1906 and 1948. The main idea behind the exhibition was developed and documented by Mr. Alexandru Stănescu, PhD, a Schei native historian, together with Mr. Mihai Florea, PhD, curator of the exhibition from the National Museum of Romanian History.


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