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Nr: 174-177
January-April 2019

Trasee tematice
Thematic routes
Tematikus ösvények
Patrimoniul cultural forestier
The forestry cultural assets
Der Forst und das Kulturerbe
Erdészeti kulturális örökségünk
Brașovul verde
Brasov – a ‘green’ city
Das grüne Kronstadt
Zöld Brassó
„Flori în Ţara Bârsei”
‘Flowers in Ţara Bârsei Region’
„Blumen im Burzenland“
Barcaság virágai
Ieșirea cu surla
The trumpet procession
Der Schalmei-Zug
Kivonulás a síppal
Ceasuri ţărăneşti
Traditional clocks
Uhren im ländlichen Stil
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Exlibris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Portul de sărbătoare al brașovenilor
Brasov people’s traditional holiday garments
Die Festtracht der Kronstädter
Brassóiak történelmi viselete
Magia vieții sălbatice
The magic of wild life
Der Zauber der Wildnis
A vadon varázsa
Verdele smarald al Zărneștiului
Emerald green of Zarnesti
Das Smaragdgrün von Zărnești
Zernyest smaragdzöldje
ADN-ul iei românești
The DNA of the ‘ie’ - the Romanian Traditional Blouse
Das DNA der rumänischen Trachtenbluse
Román parasztingek DNS-e

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The trumpet procession



The ‘Casa Junilor’ Museum hosted the thematic presentation ‘Annunciation in the Tradition of the Juni’, organized by the ‘Juni’ Association of Scheii Brasovului and Brasovechi. Professor Priest Vasile Oltean, the director of the First Romanian School Museum was the special guest of the event. This presentation was one of a series of activities of popularization of the characteristic traditions of the Juni of Scheii Brasovului and Brasovechi districts.

• On ‘Coasta Prundului’

In the Annunciation Day, the Juni go to a hill in Brasov called ‘Coasta Prundului’, and blow the trumpet. ‘This archaic instrument, known by the elders as ‘the sacred trumpet’, makes some interesting sounds that only the trumpeter can render, sounds that are somewhat dissonant, on a monotonous yet striking tone, playing a melody passed from a trumpeter to another, from generation to generation. The trumpeter is accompanied only by a handful of young Juni, and very seldom by members of the other groups, who are waiting from them in front of roadside crosses’, stated Mr. Constantin Chicus, Chairman of the Association of the Juni of Scheii Brasovului and Brasovechi.

• The Trumpet procession

The trumpet procession takes place on the Annunciation Day because this is considered the most important day of spring. Long ago, when the Annunciation Day was usually snowy, the trumpeter would still climb all the way up the hill and played the trumpet, for all people in the Schei district to hear. The trumpet makes a distinctive sound, like grunting. The trumpeter is assigned for life, and only after he has grown too old to climb the hill is he allowed to pass this special task to a young man that he has trained for this purpose.

• Myth, ritual and magic 

The tradition of the Juni is tightly associated with spring, and especially with the Easter period. Everything focuses around the Resurrection Holiday, starting from Easter Sunday, throughout the Bright Week and ending on Thomas Sunday. The Juni maintain the tradition precisely for each day, moment and place, the traditional pies, the ritual feasts, the specific hora dance, the trumpet and the mace that wards off evil spirits, throwing the mace and adorning the horses.


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