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Nr: 174-177
January-April 2019

Trasee tematice
Thematic routes
Tematikus ösvények
Patrimoniul cultural forestier
The forestry cultural assets
Der Forst und das Kulturerbe
Erdészeti kulturális örökségünk
Brașovul verde
Brasov – a ‘green’ city
Das grüne Kronstadt
Zöld Brassó
„Flori în Ţara Bârsei”
‘Flowers in Ţara Bârsei Region’
„Blumen im Burzenland“
Barcaság virágai
Ieșirea cu surla
The trumpet procession
Der Schalmei-Zug
Kivonulás a síppal
Ceasuri ţărăneşti
Traditional clocks
Uhren im ländlichen Stil
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Exlibris Brâncuși
Ex-Libris Brâncuși
Portul de sărbătoare al brașovenilor
Brasov people’s traditional holiday garments
Die Festtracht der Kronstädter
Brassóiak történelmi viselete
Magia vieții sălbatice
The magic of wild life
Der Zauber der Wildnis
A vadon varázsa
Verdele smarald al Zărneștiului
Emerald green of Zarnesti
Das Smaragdgrün von Zărnești
Zernyest smaragdzöldje
ADN-ul iei românești
The DNA of the ‘ie’ - the Romanian Traditional Blouse
Das DNA der rumänischen Trachtenbluse
Román parasztingek DNS-e

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Brasov – a ‘green’ city



More than 1,360 tree seedlings will be planted this spring in Brasov. More than half of them are supplied by the ‘Kronstadt’ Local Public Administration of Forests from its own plant nursery. Plantings shall be finished before Easter. Through the Recreational Areas Development Service (SAZA) the planting of 660 trees was scheduled, out of which 351 were planted along the street alignments, in the free spaces, to which another 308 trees are added, to be planted on the green areas in the neighbourhoods, parks, playgrounds, or within the school yards. 74 trees will be planted on the playgrounds and 35 trees will be placed at kindergartens and schools.

• Pollution-tolerant trees

Another approximately 700 trees shall be planted with the support of RPLP Kronstadt, at the city entrances, along the street alignments. The favourite species to be planted are broad-leaved trees, namely plane tree, linden, red oak, maple, birch, field ash, black locust, mountain Scottish maple. Along the street alignments will be planted mainly linden and plane trees, which are more pollution-tolerant and easier to dress. 
From 2008 to 2018, almost 24,000 tree seedlings and almost 145 km of hedgerows were planted in Brasov city. 

• 2.1 kilometres of hedgerow

Upon the request of the owner’s associations, the planting of almost 2.1 kilometres of hedgerow, namely 25,200 shrubs has already begun. SAZA is still receiving requests to this end, but the ones filed in 2019 will be scheduled for the planting campaign in autumn. 
In addition, the tree dressing works are also carried out, focusing on almost 3,500 trees.

•  Preventing pollution

Pollution may have serious consequences on health. Therefore, the endeavours made by the Brasov Town Hall focus on pollution prevention and control by planting pollution-tolerant trees.

Dorin DUȘA 


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