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Nr: 171-173
October-December 2018

Harta Centenară pe pânză
A centenary map on canvas
Die Jahrhundert-Landkarte auf Tuch
Centenáriumi térkép vásznon
Arhivă de familie virtuală
Virtual family archives
ein virtuelles Familienarchiv
Virtuális családi archívum
Tabără de reconstituire istorică
Historical reconstruction camp
Historische Nachstellung eines Militärlagers
Történelmet újrateremtő tábor
Un secol de artă braşoveană
A century of art in Brasov
Ein Jahrhundert Kronstädter Kunst
Egy évszázadnyi brassói művészet
Brașovul, Sm@rtCult
Brasov, Sm@rtCult
Kronstadt Sm@rtCult
Brassó, Sm@rtCult
Învăţătorul lui Mihai Eminescu, comemorat la Cuciulata
Mihai Eminescu’s teacher, commemorated at Cuciulata
Mihai Eminescus Lehrer in Cuciulata gewürdigt
Mihai Eminescu tanítójára emlékeztek Kucsuláton
Feldioara - Capsula Timpului
Feldioara – A time capsule
Marienburg – Die Zeitkapsel
Földvár – Időkapszula
Migraţia făgărăşenilor în America
The migration of the inhabitants from Fagaras in America
Die Auswanderung der Fogarascher nach Amerika
Lumea fascinantă a satului
The fascinating world of villages
Das Dorfleben von einst
A falu elbűvölő világa
Ziua Stejarului secular
The age-old oak’s day
Der Tag der Jahrhundert-Eiche
Az évszázados Tölgy napja
Povestea unui steag tricolor 1918
The story of a tricolour flag 1918
Die Geschichte einer rumänischen Flagge von 1918
Egy 1918-as trikolór meséje
Unirea în Țara Buzaielor
Union in ‘Țara Buzaielor’ Region
Die Vereinigung im Buzaielor-Land
Egyesülés Bodzaföldön

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The fascinating world of villages


In Harman Commune, Brasov County, at 5 Km away from Brasov is the ethnographic collection of ‘Vatra Harmanului’ Museum, which displays items of the fascinating world of the ancient villages. The Museum is located just 50 meters away from the Harman Fortress, included in UNESCO heritage. For a moment, we can find here the serenity of the porch, watched over by the pillars engraved with solar patterns and we can abandon ourselves in the privacy of the country house, where we can find the simplicity and decency of the country people.

Ethnographic collection

‘People who come here find the fascinating world of the ancient villages, painted or sculpted furniture, giving the impression of proper use, combined with the magical and religious faiths of the traditional people. Forming a symbolic solar circle together, the holiday clothing are glowing in a stylistic and chromatic beauty. Not less spectacular is the ceramic collection of Easter eggs or Transylvanian icons painted on glass’, told us Mr. Adrian Micu, custodian of ‘Vatra Hărmanului’ Musuem.

Traditional pottery

The traditional pottery collection includes beautiful items, among which two pots called ‘bride and groom’, items which were used only in weddings. Subtly decorated, varnished, with flowers painted as for the traditional pottery, the pots remained in the museum as the silent witnesses of our existence. The living matter submits to it and dies for the use of the object, the fire is burning the earth skin and eternizes the shape.

Invitation to the museum

Tourists visiting this museum will be pleased to find out that here they can also hear the ancient sound of the alphorn, flute, or reed pipe. We are waiting for you to enjoy the beauties of the ancient villages in the Vatra Harmanului Museum!

Ileana Gafton Dragoş


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