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Nr: 166-170
May-September 2018

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Cerbul de Aur 2018
"Golden Stag" Festival 2018
„Der Goldene Hirsch“ 2018
Aranyszarvas 2018
„Jocul Braşoveanca”
“Braşoveanca” Folk Dance
„Der Brasoveanca-Tanz“
A Braşoveanca tánc
Piața Artei
“Piața Artei”
Der Platz der Kunst
Művészetek Tere
Transilvania Train
Transilvania Train
Transilvania Train
Transilvania Train
„Cavalerii Teutoni se întorc în Cetatea Feldioara”
„Cavalerii Teutoni se întorc în Cetatea Feldioara”
„Die Rückkehr der Kreuzritter in die Marienburg“
A teuton lovagok visszatérnek Földvárra
Invitație la Hălchiu
Invitation to visit Hălchiu
Einladung nach Heldsdorf
Meghívó Höltövénybe
Vama Buzăului, stațiune turistică
Vama Buzăului Tourist Resort
Vama Buzăului als Reisedestination
Bodzavám turisztikai település
Interes turistic, la Prejmer
Tourist Perspective
Touristen sind an Tartlau interessiert
Turisztikai érdeklődés Prázsmáron
Hărman - Muntele Mierii
Hărman - The Mount of Honey
Honigberg – der Berg des Honigs
Szászhermány – Mézhegy
Sânpetru, filă de istorie
Sânpetru, a piece of history
Aus der Geschichte von Petersberg
Szentpéter, a történelem lapjai
420.000 de turiști, in Cetatea Râșnov
420,000 tourists at Cetatea Râșnov
420.000 Touristen in der Rosenauer Bauernburg
420 000 turista Barcarozsnyó várában

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“Piața Artei”


Between August 22 and August 26, 2018, Piațeta Sfântul Ioan, located in the Old Centre of Brasov, was the venue for “Piața Artei”, a festival at its first edition counting on participation of over 100 artists. For five days, there were performances, some dedicated to the Golden Stag Festival (“Cerbul de Aur”), book and CD launches, outdoor art exhibitions (painting and photography), and fashion shows, besides the handmade fair and crafts workshops intended primarily for children. Visitors also had the opportunity to view outdoor art exhibitions and listen to exceptional performances of Brasov local artists.

Event dedicated to art

“This event was intended as a means to promote the city, traditions and cultural shows specific to Brașov region in the year dedicated to the Centennial of the Great Union, because the Festival entitled “Piața Artei” is an ample action dedicated to arts and crafts”, said project promoter Alina Samoila. And since art is closely related to history, each exhibitor displayed in his/her tent the photo and biography (in Romanian and English) of a personality that marked the history of Brașov. Prize draws and competitions were organized throughout the entire duration of the event.

An Evening of Traditions

“One of the evenings was dedicated to old songs, some of which have made history at “Cerbul de Aur”. Another evening was dedicated to fashion, which was a first for Brașov. There were street fashion shows during which the models presented clothing and accessories. The Evening of Traditions proved to be a great success ending late in the night, and the square was packed to the rafters. I am so very happy that this festival was a big success and I want to thank the more than 100 artists who have accepted the invitation to participate in such a large number”, added Bianca Bucă, the artistic manager of the event.


The “Piața Artei” Festival was organized by the “Artist pentru Artă” Virtual Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Samoilă Alina Mihaela Întreprindere Individuală and Bya Fashion. Primăria Municipiului Brașov was a partner of the event. The festival presenters were Bianca Bucă and Dragoş Popa.



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