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Nr: 154-157
May-August 2017

Festivalul Promenadelor Brașovului
Brasov Promenades Festival
Das Festival der Kronstädter Spazierwege
Brassó Promenádjai Fesztivál
Uniunea Junilor, destinație turistică
Juni?s Union, a tourist attraction
Der Obervorstädter Reiterverband als Reiseziel
Junik Egyesülete ? turisztikai célpont
Festivalul "Garofița Pietrei Craiului"
'Garofita Pietrei Craiului' Festival
Das Festival "Königsteinnelke"
A Királykői Szegfű Fesztivál
Codlea, agenda de vară
Codlea, summer agenda
Sommer-Termine in Zeiden
Feketehalmi nyár napirendjén
Cetatea Feldioara, pe harta turistică a țării
Feldioara Citadel, on the tourism map of the country
Die Marienburg als touristische Sehenswürdigkeit
Földvár az ország turisztikai térképén
Festivalul Aviatic, la Ghimbav
Air Show in Ghimbav
Flugshow in Weidenbach
Vidombáki Légiparádé
Hălchiu ? Sașii se întorc acasă
Halchiu ? The Transylvanian Saxons return home
Die Sachsen kommen nach Hause
Höltövény ? a szászok hazatérnek
Zilele Hărmanului
Days of Harman
Honigberger Tage
Szászhermányi Napok
Mândra: "Dor de sat"
Mandra: 'Dor de sat'
Mândra: Sehnsucht nach der Heimat
Mundra: "Vágy a falu iránt!"
Festivalul Internațional "Suflet Românesc"
?Suflet Românesc? International Festival
Das internationale Festival "Rumänische Seele"
Román Lélek Nemzetközi Fesztivál
Festivalul de Film și Istorii Râșnov
Film and History Festival in Rasnov
Das Rosenauer historische Filmfestival
A Barcarozsnyói Történelmi Filmfesztivál
Festivalul "Rușcuța"
?Rușcuța? Festival
Das Festival "Adonisröschen"
A Hérics Fesztivál

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Days of Harman



In Harman commune, Brasov County, every year in the first weekend after St. Mary Holiday, the Town Hall and the Local Council organize the ?Days of Harman?. The event is a traditional one, dedicated to young people, to the authentic folklore and traditional craftsmen. There are also lots of surprises and promotion of young talents of Harman, who impress by their shows on the stage and the desire to carry on the customs and traditions of the area. The Days of Harman are considered the biggest holiday occurring throughout the year.

Authentic traditions

The event is organized on the football field in Harman, meeting all the requirements for building an outdoor stage. The grand opening is made by ?Vatra Harmanului? Ensemble, a famous ensemble thanks to its artistic repertory, traditional costumes and performance on stage. The traditional costumes were gathered from the elders of the village, older than 100 years. When they go on stage, the audience is stunned by their traditional costumes, which is very rarely seen nowadays in some specific areas. Many other authentic traditional clothing can be seen in ?Vatra Harmanului? Museum, in the ancient indoor of a country side household.

Mini football championship

Each year it has already become a tradition to organize a mini football championship on the occasion of the Days of Harman. This year?s championship is attended by 11 football teams, all of them with players from several companies in the locality and football fans, organizing a competition between streets. The winning teams are awarded diplomas and trophies. Those who don?t make the podium are not left behind, being awarded attending diplomas as well. The championship is attractive and those who support it turn it into great fun, cheering for their favorite team.

Diversified program

?The Days of Harman are a good opportunity for people to socialize. For this reason, we thought of a diversified program which shall include traditional gastronomy, stands with area-specific products and traditional craftesmen. The most important is, though, the promotion of the cultural ? historical heritage of the locality, with local values. Those who visit us will not regret it, because here they have multiple possibilities here to relax and to visit the historical attractions, from Harman Country Citadel, the Orthodox Church, Vatra Harmanului Museum, the Organ Pipe shop, as well as Dealul Lempes Natural Reserve?, told us Mr. Mihai Disor, Mayor of Harman.


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