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Nr: 154-157
May-August 2017

Festivalul Promenadelor Brașovului
Brasov Promenades Festival
Das Festival der Kronstädter Spazierwege
Brassó Promenádjai Fesztivál
Uniunea Junilor, destinație turistică
Juni?s Union, a tourist attraction
Der Obervorstädter Reiterverband als Reiseziel
Junik Egyesülete ? turisztikai célpont
Festivalul "Garofița Pietrei Craiului"
'Garofita Pietrei Craiului' Festival
Das Festival "Königsteinnelke"
A Királykői Szegfű Fesztivál
Codlea, agenda de vară
Codlea, summer agenda
Sommer-Termine in Zeiden
Feketehalmi nyár napirendjén
Cetatea Feldioara, pe harta turistică a țării
Feldioara Citadel, on the tourism map of the country
Die Marienburg als touristische Sehenswürdigkeit
Földvár az ország turisztikai térképén
Festivalul Aviatic, la Ghimbav
Air Show in Ghimbav
Flugshow in Weidenbach
Vidombáki Légiparádé
Hălchiu ? Sașii se întorc acasă
Halchiu ? The Transylvanian Saxons return home
Die Sachsen kommen nach Hause
Höltövény ? a szászok hazatérnek
Zilele Hărmanului
Days of Harman
Honigberger Tage
Szászhermányi Napok
Mândra: "Dor de sat"
Mandra: 'Dor de sat'
Mândra: Sehnsucht nach der Heimat
Mundra: "Vágy a falu iránt!"
Festivalul Internațional "Suflet Românesc"
?Suflet Românesc? International Festival
Das internationale Festival "Rumänische Seele"
Román Lélek Nemzetközi Fesztivál
Festivalul de Film și Istorii Râșnov
Film and History Festival in Rasnov
Das Rosenauer historische Filmfestival
A Barcarozsnyói Történelmi Filmfesztivál
Festivalul "Rușcuța"
?Rușcuța? Festival
Das Festival "Adonisröschen"
A Hérics Fesztivál

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Film and History Festival in Rasnov


The Film and History Festival in Rasnov 2017: globalizing populism, hidden histories and a preview documentary, over 40 films, exhibits and concerts at Rasnov Citadel, from July 28th to August 6th 2017 attracted the public like a magnet. The surprise of the edition: preview of a documentary made by the History Museum of Brasov and the Romanian Television, directed by Liviu Tofan. The film is the most complex documentary on the Riot from Brasov on November 15th 1987.

Winning bet

?The festival has now reached its 9th edition; it started thanks to Rasnov Citadel and it was the bet we made in 2008-2009, by which we wanted to prove that a historical monument may keep on living thanks to its cultural agenda. From the start it was a teamwork, and we are proud to say this is the only European accredited festival. The winning team has not changed and, meanwhile, the History County Museum became our partner?, told us Mr. Nicolae Pepene, the Manager of the History County Museum of Brasov.

Over 40 cinema productions

In the garden of Rasnov Citadel, at ?Amza Pellea? Cinema, in the Evangelical Church and ?Unirii? Square of the city, more than 40 cinema productions, exhibits were projected, a book room with 15 invited publishing houses was set, over 10 special events and concerts and Astra Summer School performed. The main theme of the festival was the ?Globalization of Populism?. ?Through debates, music, exhibits, book rooms, children workshop we discover real histories, possible histories, written and unwritten histories. This year, we also had a lot of novelties. The festival became a complex cultural product?, said Mr. Mihai Dragomir, Manager of the festival.

10 days in Rasnov Citadel

The 10 days spent in Rasnov Citadel, at the beginning of August, brought relevant topics, smart films, charismatic lecturers, intelligent public, memorable debates, sophisticated concerts and exuberant singing, in the air of the Carpathian nights.
?On the occasion of this big European festival we have the chance to valorize the local historical attractions, the investment made in the historical center of the town and the cultural identity of Rasnov; it points out the spectacular ascension of the Transylvanian town to the national top of cultural-touristic destinations, with more than 400,000 visitors every year?, declared Mr. Liviu Calin Butnariu, Mayor of Rasnov town.


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