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Nr: 146-149
September-December 2016

Județul Brașov, oferta turistică
Brasov County, touristic offer
Das Tourismusangebot des Kreises Kronstadt
Brassó megye turisztikai ajánlata
Neotour ? Vacanțe la înălțime
Neotour ? Vacations on heights
Neotour - Urlaub auf der Höhe
Neotour - vakáció a magasban
Salvamont, pregătit de iarnă
Mountain Rescue, prepared for winter
Salvamont-Bergwacht bereit für den Winter
A Salvamont felkészült a télre
Vânătorii de Munte - 100 de ani
Mountain Infantry - 100 years
Ein Jahrhundert seit Gründung dieser Waffengattung
Hegyivadászok - 100 év
Cor cu tenori femei, la Dumbrăviţa
Female tenor choir in Dumbravita
Frauen als Tenor in Dumbrăvița
Női tenorkórus Szúnyogszéken
Feldioara: "Jocul Ursului"
Female tenor choir in Dumbravita
Marienburg: "Der Bärentanz"
Földvár: Medvetánc
Pădurile bătrâne de la Homorod
Old forests in Homorod
Die alten Wälder bei Hamruden
Homoródi szekuláris erdők
Mândra - Muzeul de pânze şi poveşti
Mandra ? A museum of fabrics and stories
Mândra ? Das Tuch- und Märchenmuseum
Mundra ? Vászon és Mesék Múzeuma
Ceremonial nocturn la Moieciu
Night ceremony in Moieciu
Nächtliche Feier in Moieciu
Éjszakai ceremónia Moécsen
Contactează dinozaurii!
Get in contact with the dinosaurs!
Triff die Dinos
Lépj kapcsolatba a dinókkal!
Orașul Zărnești - Reper turistic
Zarnesti town ? touristic mark
Zărnești ? Touristische Kennzeichen
Zernyest város turistacélpont
Doripesco, relaxare gastronomică
Doripesco, gastronomic relaxation
Doripesco ? gastronomische Erholung
Doripesco, gasztronómiai kényeztetés

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Female tenor choir in Dumbravita



In Dumbravita village, Brasov County, we have discovered a 57 years old choir that has served uninterruptedly up to nowadays. The choir has four voices and, the interesting thing about it is that the tenors are women, not men, as usual. Priest Bogdan Branzea opened the door of the church, blessed us and agreed to us taking pictures inside the church from Dumbravita. Talking about different things, we got to the point when he mentioned the red-letter choir that accompanies the mass in the church.

Choir history

We found out that the choir of the church was founded in 1959, it has four voices and has served uninterruptedly up to nowadays. The person who founded the choir was Father Ioan Turcu and then Ioanid Merisescu, whose brother was a music professor in the Conservatory from Cluj. The choir has had, in time, the following conductors: Ionita Train, Gramada Dumitru, Gramada Ana, Schiopu Gheorghe, me, Branzea Bogdan, and Saniuta Valeria. There are 40 members now, of all ages; two old members among them who have been singing uninterruptedly ever since 1959 ? a man and a woman.

Scores learned by heart
"The choir becomes even more interesting as the 40 members are simple people, with no musical knowledge. They have learned the scores by heart, which is unprecedented in the world. At least I haven?t heard of anything similar. I really appreciate these tenor women who find the time to sing in the choir, seriously prepare for that and sing heavenly. This choir is one of the oldest in the county. It is known as the "Choir of Church St. Hierarch Nicholas" from Dumbravita and accompanies the mass in the church: the High Mass, the High Mass of burial and wedding." declared Zachiu Popa, the Mayor of Dumbravita.

The tower museum

Also inside Church "St. Hierarch Nicholas" from Dumbravita, after climbing the stairs that lead to the tower, I have discovered a highly valuable ethnographic museum. Among all the exhibits, there are traditional costumes specific to this region, old glass icons, interior furniture pieces and paintings of war veterans that are older than 100 years. They were all preserved carefully by the inhabitants, hidden away during the communist era even if owners? lives were endangered and they were brought to light and valorised in this museum from the tower of the church in Dumbravita.


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