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Nr: 142-145
May-August 2016

10 zile în Cetatea Râşnovului
10 days in the Rasnov Citadel
10 Tage in der Rosenauer Burg
Tíz nap Rozsnyó várában
Prefectura, proiecte educaționale
The Prefecture, educational projects
Projekte im Bereich Erziehung
Prefektusi Hivatal: oktatási tervek
Noaptea Troițelor
Roadside Crosses Night
Die Nacht der Marterl
Keresztek éjszakája
Sânpetru: Rușcuța de Primăvară
Fern Leaf peony
Petersberg: das Frühlings-Adonisröschen
Szentpéter: Tavaszi hérics Fesztivál
Corul Mixt Maghiar din Braşov - 150 de ani
The Hungarian Mixed Choir from Brasov ? 150 years
Der Kronstädter gemischte ungarische Chor ? 150 Jahre
150 éves a Brassói Magyar Dalárda
"Plugarul", în Castelul lui Dracula
The "Ploughman" in Dracula?s Castle
"Plugarul" im Dracula-Schloss
A Plugarul szokása Drakula kastélyában
Feldioara: Rusaliile, timpul sacru
Feldioara: Pentecost, a sacred moment
Marienburg: Pfingsten, eine Festzeit
Pünkösd, a szakrális idő
Zilele Orașului Ghimbav
The days of Ghimbav City
Die Weidenbacher Stadttage
Vidombák város napjai
Memoria unei localități: Hălchiu
The memory of a locality: Halchiu
Das Gedächtnis einer Ortschaft: Heldsdorf
Egy település emlékezete: Höltövény
Orchestra Cotes D?Arey ? Franța, la Hărman
Cotes D?Arey Orchestra ? France, in Harman
Das Orchester Cotes D'Arey, Frankreich, in Honigberg
A franciaországi Cotes D?Arey zenekar Szászhermányban
Invitație la Moieciu
Invitation to Moieciu
Einladung nach Moieciu
Meghívó Moécsre
Destinație turistică: Vama Buzăului
Touristic destination: Vama Buzaului
Vama Buzăului als Reiseziel
Bodzavám: turisztikai célpont

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The "Ploughman" in Dracula?s Castle


A traditional cultural event was organized in Bran Castle ? Dracula?s Castle. This made the tourists visiting the castle dumbfounded. WhyĂ Because at a certain moment, the folk ensemble from Venetia de Sus, Brasov County, entered the castle with the "Ploughman" custom, a group of young boys and girls, all dressed in original costumes specific to the region with fiddlers and baskets with good food. After they enter the interior yard of the castle, they presented the "Ploughman" custom, helped by women, danced and offered "plum brandy" and cookies to tourists.

The "Ploughman" custom

After 15 years, the community in Venetia de Sus recomposed a custom specific to Tara Fagarasului, the "Ploughman", an annual ritual scenario regarding the death and re-birth of the vegetal divinity. The main role belongs to the young man who first ploughed that year. This is an agrarian folk event. All the people in the village participate and it is organized each and every year the second Easter day in several villages in the ethnographic region of Tara Fagarasului: Cuciulata, Vad, Venetia de Sus and Venetia de Jos and in the region of Tara Oltului.

The ploughman looked for in the Castle

In Bran Castle?s yard, the ceremony of the "Ploughman" custom started with a playful moment: the young men looked for the lad hidden in the castle and the harrow he had to be put onto. After they found him, he was fit in "borte", respectively in vegetal wreaths and then he was put up in a harrow and carried by the young men on their shoulders. The young man threw wheat berries from the harrow, as a sign of richness. In the end of the ceremony, the folk group came down from the castle and the Ploughman was taken by the young men on their shoulders till the margin of a river. He is usually thrown into the water, from where he starts splashing the people on the margin. The suite then goes back to the Ploughman?s house.

Traditional exhibition

"Bran Castle is promoting and keeps the flame of customs alive and makes the stories of Brasov known. We are now having the exhibition with re-composition of traditional customs the "Ploughman" - Venetia de Sus and "Fowl shooting" - Apata, as well as a photo room of the photographer from Brasov, Marco Algasovschi. We organize such events all along the year, supported by the Traditional Culture Service within the Cultural Centre "Reduta" Brasov". declared Bogdana Balmus, Bran Castle PR Manager.


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