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Nr: 142-145
May-August 2016

10 zile în Cetatea Râşnovului
10 days in the Rasnov Citadel
10 Tage in der Rosenauer Burg
Tíz nap Rozsnyó várában
Prefectura, proiecte educaționale
The Prefecture, educational projects
Projekte im Bereich Erziehung
Prefektusi Hivatal: oktatási tervek
Noaptea Troițelor
Roadside Crosses Night
Die Nacht der Marterl
Keresztek éjszakája
Sânpetru: Rușcuța de Primăvară
Fern Leaf peony
Petersberg: das Frühlings-Adonisröschen
Szentpéter: Tavaszi hérics Fesztivál
Corul Mixt Maghiar din Braşov - 150 de ani
The Hungarian Mixed Choir from Brasov ? 150 years
Der Kronstädter gemischte ungarische Chor ? 150 Jahre
150 éves a Brassói Magyar Dalárda
"Plugarul", în Castelul lui Dracula
The "Ploughman" in Dracula?s Castle
"Plugarul" im Dracula-Schloss
A Plugarul szokása Drakula kastélyában
Feldioara: Rusaliile, timpul sacru
Feldioara: Pentecost, a sacred moment
Marienburg: Pfingsten, eine Festzeit
Pünkösd, a szakrális idő
Zilele Orașului Ghimbav
The days of Ghimbav City
Die Weidenbacher Stadttage
Vidombák város napjai
Memoria unei localități: Hălchiu
The memory of a locality: Halchiu
Das Gedächtnis einer Ortschaft: Heldsdorf
Egy település emlékezete: Höltövény
Orchestra Cotes D?Arey ? Franța, la Hărman
Cotes D?Arey Orchestra ? France, in Harman
Das Orchester Cotes D'Arey, Frankreich, in Honigberg
A franciaországi Cotes D?Arey zenekar Szászhermányban
Invitație la Moieciu
Invitation to Moieciu
Einladung nach Moieciu
Meghívó Moécsre
Destinație turistică: Vama Buzăului
Touristic destination: Vama Buzaului
Vama Buzăului als Reiseziel
Bodzavám: turisztikai célpont

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Touristic destination: Vama Buzaului


Vama Buzaului township includes villages Vama Buzaului (main village), Acris, Buzaiel and Dalghiu. It is located in the South-East of Brasov County, 45 km from the county capital; in the North it is limited by Intorsura Buzaului Depression and town Intorsura Buzaului. In the East it neighbours Siriului Mountains, Tatarul Mare (1860 m), Tatarul Mic (1415 m), and in the South-East it is protected by the mountain chain made up of Ciucas Massif.
Tourists who wish to visit such places have multiple recreation possibilities, getting into direct contact with a diversified cultural offer; they may interactively participate in cultural events and they may spend unforgettable moments in chalets, boarding houses and in the houses of the inhabitants.


Vama Buzaului used to be the official customs between Transylvania and Tara Romaneasca and it used to offer people places for spending the night, eating and other services against a fee. In the beginning accommodation was provided for rest to tired travellers. The accommodation destinations used to be in hostels or in households with several rooms. In time, accommodation in people?s houses became more and more important and these days they are also used for spending spare time. A large part of the people in the cities prefer to spend their vacations in the rural areas, many of them choosing Vama Buzaului as a touristic destination.

Zero pollution

"The fact that our village is at the bottom of Ciucas Mountains (with the famous Tigai and many Sphinxes), that the access road is in a good condition and that in this area there is no intense traffic, allows us to develop in this area a viable, prosperous and lasting tourism, especially since here the pollution is zero. Tourists may go for one-day trips, they may take marked mountain tracks, they may participate in sheepfold activities, they may see how fresh cheese is being prepared or other food products specific to our area. The project in Vama Buzaului also called the "Model in the Carpathians" and the Dutch partners contribute to the preservation of people?s life and maintaining a clean environment" declared Tiberiu Nicolae Chirilaa, the Mayor of Vama Buzaului.

Project that were accomplished

Street asphalt work ? pavements ? water supply ? public lighting ? public utility services ? school rehabilitation and equipment ? building kindergartens ? rehabilitation of community centres ? sports ground ? organization of cultural events ? support for churches ? attracting foreign investments ? Tourist Information Centre ? the National Sanctuary Valea Zimbrilor ? Association Transhumanta Vama Buzaului.

The Town Hall and the Local Council Vama Buzaului would like to invite you to attend the cultural event "Gospodarul Vamasan" in August.


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