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Nr: 138-141
January-April 2016

Colonie de castori, la Braşov
Beaver colony in Brasov
Die Biberkolonie in Kronstadt
Hódpopuláció Brassóban
Gala Premiilor Anului 2015 în Cultură
Cultural Awards for 2015 Gala
Kultur-Preisgala 2015
A 2015-ös év kulturális díjainak gálája
Artizani braşoveni
Artisans from Brasov
Kronstädter Handwerker
Brassói kézművesek
Paştele Catolic
Catholic Easter
Katholische Ostern
A katolikus húsvét
Târgul Mărţişorului
Martisor (trinket worn in honour of March 1rst) Fair
Márciuska vásár
Câșlegile și pețitul fetelor
Shrovetide and girls wooing
Die Vorfastenzeit und der Heiratsantrag
Leánykérések ideje
Feldioara: Agenda culturală 2016
Feldioara: Cultural Agenda for 2016
Marienburg: Kulturagenda 2016
Kulturális rendezvények 2016
Ghimbav: Balul portului popular
Ghimbav: Traditional clothing ball
Weidenbach: Der Trachtenball
Vidombák: Népviselet bálja
Hărman, tradiţii autentice
Harman, genuine traditions
Echte Traditionen in Honigberg
Hermány, élő hagyományok
,,Roata în flăcări", la Şinca Nouă
,,Wheel on fire" at Sinca Noua
"Flammenrad" in Şinca Nouă
Tűzkerék Újsinkán
Teliu, vatră culturală
Teliu, a cultural hearth
Teliu als Kulturstätte
Keresztvár ? kulturális központ
"Gânduri în lemn"
"Wooden thoughts"
"Gedanken in Holz"
Fába vésett gondolatok

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Martisor (trinket worn in honour of March 1rst) Fair



At the end of February, the Small Galley organized in the Cultural Centre Reduta, the "Marţisor Fair", an event having the purpose to mark the arrival of spring, a traditional custom of the Romanians. The Fair offers the possibility of choosing the most beautiful martisoare and Romanian presents, together with a white and red thread and good thoughts for their wives, mothers, grandmothers and lovers.
This year, there were some artists from Brasov who managed to create good spirits and to offer spring products and make unique handmade creations such as the "stranded thread".


All products presented with the Fair were handmade, respected traditional themes, among which the "Rhomb" ? ancient sign of the sky symbolizing the strong woman, made by the Association "Stranded Thread" or the mini-tapestry manufactured for Christmas by Aurora Luli, a plastic artist, 79 years old, living in the retirement home from district Noua, Brasov.
There were different stands with: martisoare, jewellery, accessories, clothes, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, icons, perfumed candles, homemade cosmetics, toys, leather articles, small pieces of furniture, interior design objects.

The social martisor

The Foundation for Abandoned Children Ghimbav came to the "Martisor Fair" with unique handmade creations and surprise martisoare!
Diversis Studio is a protected studio within the Foundation for Abandoned Children (www.pentrucopiiabandonati.ro). The money they will get shall be used to support the jobs of employed disadvantaged persons. The prospect profit is reinvested in the foundation?s basic activity: fostering and education of abandoned children!

Crochet martisor

Gabriela Bularca presented manual crochet martisoare, with lots of love for children, mothers, grandmothers or lovers. The materials she used are hypoallergenic.
Other products which were successful in the Fair were those presented by the Floral Creation Shop "Diverse Universe", the mini-paintings and customized products, 100% natural, handmade from best quality ingredients "Magnifique".


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