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Nr: 138-141
January-April 2016

Colonie de castori, la Braşov
Beaver colony in Brasov
Die Biberkolonie in Kronstadt
Hódpopuláció Brassóban
Gala Premiilor Anului 2015 în Cultură
Cultural Awards for 2015 Gala
Kultur-Preisgala 2015
A 2015-ös év kulturális díjainak gálája
Artizani braşoveni
Artisans from Brasov
Kronstädter Handwerker
Brassói kézművesek
Paştele Catolic
Catholic Easter
Katholische Ostern
A katolikus húsvét
Târgul Mărţişorului
Martisor (trinket worn in honour of March 1rst) Fair
Márciuska vásár
Câșlegile și pețitul fetelor
Shrovetide and girls wooing
Die Vorfastenzeit und der Heiratsantrag
Leánykérések ideje
Feldioara: Agenda culturală 2016
Feldioara: Cultural Agenda for 2016
Marienburg: Kulturagenda 2016
Kulturális rendezvények 2016
Ghimbav: Balul portului popular
Ghimbav: Traditional clothing ball
Weidenbach: Der Trachtenball
Vidombák: Népviselet bálja
Hărman, tradiţii autentice
Harman, genuine traditions
Echte Traditionen in Honigberg
Hermány, élő hagyományok
,,Roata în flăcări", la Şinca Nouă
,,Wheel on fire" at Sinca Noua
"Flammenrad" in Şinca Nouă
Tűzkerék Újsinkán
Teliu, vatră culturală
Teliu, a cultural hearth
Teliu als Kulturstätte
Keresztvár ? kulturális központ
"Gânduri în lemn"
"Wooden thoughts"
"Gedanken in Holz"
Fába vésett gondolatok

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Beaver colony in Brasov


The beavers "living" in the county of Brasov shall be left alone, as it will also happen to their "relatives" in other towns, but they will be counted again within a few months from now. This is the main conclusion resulting from the visit paid last week by the Minister of Environment in Brasov, but also from the correspondence the Prefecture carried on this subject.
Drafting a project for protecting these animals is necessary since there is a beaver colony in the area of the Airport Ghimbav ? Brasov.

Their "addresses" are known

Even if the number of beavers in our county is not known exactly, they are under observation since the Prefecture asked the Mayors of villages and cities to study the area next to rivers and see if there were any barrages. No, not micro-hydroelectric plants, but wooden barrages built by beavers. This is not the entire assessment, but also the damages they cause.


"As regards the impact of the project for the institution of a protected area in the neighbourhood of Ghimbav airport, the officials of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests provided insurances that the project of the protected area is not a hindrance in the completion of the airport, but can by an opportunity to develop a new "eco-friendly" location which can even get European financing. The fact that in the county of Brasov the number of beavers has increased is an indicator of the environmental health, proving that the waters are clean." declared Mihai Mohaci, the Prefect of Brasov.

The beaver colony, unique in Romania

The diking project, correlated with the existence of the beaver colony which is unique in Romania proves that these animals may coexist with the anthropized environment. The management manner of the protected area shall be determined in the future by adoption of the management plan, and then the procedure shall also include a public debate. For deciding upon the protected area, the approval of the local institutions has only a consultative role.
"In spring, we shall ask the NGO?s and the authorized foundations to help as determine the number of the beavers in the county of Brasov", also mentioned Mihai Mohaci.


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