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Nr: 135-137
October-December 2015

"Brașov 2021"
"Brasov 2021"
"Braşov 2021"
"Brassó 2021"
Ascensiuni montane
Mountain ascent
Hegyi túrák
Jocul strămoşesc de la Crucea Dreptăţii
The ancestral dance at the Justice Cross
Alter Brauch beim Kreuz der Gerechtigkeit
Ősi tánc az Igazságkeresztnél
Brașovul, capitala jocurilor tradiționale
Brasov, the capital of traditional games
Kronstadt ? Hauptstadt traditioneller Kinderspielen
Brassó, a hagyományos játékok fővárosa
Obiceiuri de Crăciun și Anul Nou
Customs for Christmas and New Year?s Eve
Weihnachts- und Neujahrsbräuche
Karácsonyi és újévi szokás
"Fulg de Nea"
"Snow Flake"
Zestrea comunei Hărman
The dower of village Harman
Ein Kulturerbe der Gemeinde Honigberg
Szászhermány öröksége
Viitor ecologic, la Vama Buzăului
Ecological future in Vama Buzaului
Ökologische Zukunft in Vama Buzăului
Ökológiai jövő Bodzavámon
,,Muzeul Ursuleţilor de pluş"
,,Teddy bear Museum"
"Das Museum der Stoffbären"
Plüssmaci múzeum
Gala Tezaure Umane Vii
The Alive Human Treasures Gala
Gala des immateriellen Kulturerbes
Élő emberi kincs gála

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The dower of village Harman


In village Harman, county of Brasov, there is a rich and diversified cultural track: the old fortified church (13th century), the Romanian Orthodox Church (1778), the organ parlour, where professionals get trained in order to take the craft of organ builder further, the Ethnographic Museum with an impressive collection of folk costumes, a section with more than 1500 painted eggs and aspects from the life of the people living in the village such as the birth, baptism or wedding. Next to these, there is a workshop with handicrafts and workmanship, labelled "Zestrea (the Dower)".

Open workshops

"The event uniting the past with the present, appreciated by tourists, is organized in August, when the Days of Village Harman are also celebrated. At the same time, the meetings of the Transylvanian Saxons from Germany who come visit their birthplaces are organized. It is good to know that tourists have a diversified leisure range since they have the opportunity to practice the ecumenical, ethnographic, gastronomic, cultural-folk tourism, forestry-tourism and see with their own eyes how handicraft objects are made following old recipes of old artisans. The Town Hall supports promotion projects of village Harman." declared Mihai Disor, the Mayor of village Harman.

Traditional art

"In village Harman there is a handicrafts and workmanship centre named , financed out of European funds. Open workshops, where all those who wish to learn how ceramics, glass processing, weaving, traditional painting are made can participate in such workshops. The same for furniture, painted with floral decorations, as in the old times. We wish people to know who we are, especially since we have 11 employees, most of them disabled people or with numerous families." declared Mihaela Leizeriuc, from "Sf. Haralambie" Association.

Waiting for Christmas

The workshop where disabled people work in is preparing for Christmas holiday and for making objects with specific decorations. The most important role is played by the glass workshop where glass globes and decorations are made. Besides these, there is also a workshop where floral decorations are made for Christmas wreaths and also ceramics objects. Each piece is unique, one exceeding in beauty the other and every object is being painted separately with a brush.


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