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Nr: 123-125
October-December 2014

Înfrăţire Braşov ? Nurnberg
Twinning between the Cities of Brasov and Nuremberg
Die Städtefreundschaft Kronstadt ? Nürnberg
Brassó ? Nürnberg testvérkapcsolat
Proiecte de interes comunitar
Projects of Public Interest
Projekte mit Gemeindecharakter
Közösségi tervek
Braşov: Magia staţiunilor montane
Brasov: the Magic of Mountain resorts
Kronstadt/Braşov: Der Zauber der Bergkurorte
Brassó: hegyi üdülők mágiája
Biserica "Sf. Bartolomeu"
St. Bartholomew`s Church
Die Bartholomäus-Kirche
A Szent Bertalan templom
Sinagoga "Casa lui Israel"
?The House of Israel? Synagogue
Die Synagoge "Das Haus Israel"
Az Izrael háza zsinagóga
Folclor autentic, la Dumbrăviţa
Genuine Folklore in Dumbravita
Echte Folklore in Dumbrăviţa
Autentikus folklór Szúnyogszéken
Vizitează Feldioara!
Pay a visit to Feldioara!
Einladung zu einem Besuch
Látogass Földvárra!
Vacanţă de suflet, la Homorod
A Perfect Getaway in Homorod
Sommerferien in Hamruden
Vakáció Homoródon
Sânpetru: "Zâmbetul copiilor"
Sanpetru: ?A smile on children?s faces?
Petersberg: "Das Lächeln der Kinder"
Szentpéter: Gyermekek mosolya
Surate ? fraţi de cruce
Spiritual Brotherhood
Teliu: Identitate şi diversitate
Teliu: Identity and Diversity
Teliu: Identität und Vielfalt
Keresztvár: identitás és diverzitás
Vama Buzăului: Tradiţie
Tradition in Vama Buzaului
Tradition in Vama Buzăului
Bodzavám: hagyomány

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Tradition in Vama Buzaului


Vama Buzaului lies 45 km far from Brasov and in the past it used to be a border crossing point between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Romania. Nowadays it is a town in Brasov County and includes, among others, the villages of Vama Buzaului (town seat), Acris, Buzaiel and Dalghiu. It is an extremely attractive place because of its location in a unique landscape offered by the Mountains of Siriu, Tatarul Mare (1860 m) and Tatarul Mic (1415 m), and the mountain range of Ciucas Massif in south-west. Tourists can spend here memorable holidays, having a lot of leisure opportunities from hiking to celebrating genuine customs and traditions and tasting local food products on Christmas Day, New Year?s Eve and Epiphany?s Day.

Promoting traditions

Each year a traditional food fair is organized in Vama Buzaului. This festival also includes craft contests and folk dance and music shows with special guests, promoters of the Romanian genuine folklore. The events are part of the cultural programme initiated by Vama Buzaului Town Hall focused on promoting the customs and traditions of this region. Famous folk dance and music groups from Brasov County, accompanied by the local middle and elementary school`s children perform in folklore shows. One of the children, Laurentiu Iacovici, aged 8, stood out by what he said about folklore. He said that folklore defined him, made him happy and became a part of his life.

Events dedicated to the children

Apart from the events organised for promoting customs and traditions, there are also events organized by the Town Hall that are dedicated to children, both for educational and leisure purposes. This kind of events take place all the year round, ending with those related to Christmas. During the summer holidays, entertainers and various fairy-tale characters offer entertaining moments to children, whereas during winter holidays Christmas parties and festivities are organized, in which children from the local kindergarten and elementary and middle school take part.

Trusting the future

?I will do my best so that Vama Buzaului becomes one of the most beautiful and famous locality in the country and even more than that. Through intelligence, effort, with confidence in the future, and with God`s help, we will do everything within our powers together with the Local Council and the locals to be proud of our village ? Vama Buzaului. We invite all those who want to spend memorable holidays, to come here, in an incredible, natural, unpolluted landscape, and enjoy multiple leisure and spiritual fulfilment opportunities,? said Mr. Tiberiu Nicolae Chirilas, Mayor of Vama Buzaului.


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