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Nr: 120-122
July-September 2014

Inside Brașov ? 10 ani
Inside Brasov ? 10 years
Inside Brașov ? 10 Jahre
Inside Brașov ? 10 év
Promovarea revistei
Magazine promotion
Die Förderung der Zeitschrift
A folyóirat megismertetése
Oktoberfest 2014 - Distracție și surprize
Oktoberfest 2014 - Fun and surprises
Oktoberfest 2014 - Spaß und Überraschungen
Oktoberfest 2014 ? Szórakozás és meglepetések
Branul și Brașovul sub asediul cavalerilor
Bran and Brasov under knights? siege
Bran und Brașov unter der Belagerung der Ritter
Törcsvár és Brassó a lovagok ostroma alatt
Aeroportul Braşov ? Ghimbav, prima decolare
The First Take-off on Airport Brasov-Ghimbav
Der Flughafen Braşov ? Ghimbav, der erste Start
Brassó-vidombáki repülőtér, az első felszállás
175 de ani de la inaugurarea orgii Buchholz
175 years from the inauguration ceremony of Buchholz organ
175 Jahre seit der Einweihung der Buchholzorgel
175 éves a Buchholz-orgona
Festivalul dansului popular maghiar, la Budila
The Hungarian Folk Dance Festival of Budila
Der Festtag des ungarischen Volkstanzes in Budila
A magyar néptánc seregszemléje Bodolán
Cristian "Oktoberfest în miniatură"
"Oktoberfest" ? On a Small Scale in Cristian
Cristian "Oktoberfest in Miniatur"
Keresztényfalva: kis Oktoberfest
Ghimbav: Festivalul istoric
Ghimbav: The Historical Festival
Ghimbav: Der historische Festtag
Vidombák: Történelmi fesztivál
Cultura în imagini, la Hălchiu
Culture in images in Halchiu
Kultur in Bildern in Hălchiu
Kultúra képekben Höltövényen
Hărman: Atelierul de orgi
The Pipe Organs Workshop of Harman
Hărman: Die Orgelwerkstatt
Szászhermány: orgonaműhely
Sânpetru: Festivalul Rușcuța de Primăvară
The Festival Ruscuta de Primavara of Sanpetru
Sânpetru: Das Fest "Rușcuța de Primăvară"
Szentpéter: Tavaszi hérics-fesztivál

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175 years from the inauguration ceremony of Buchholz organ



This year, the 62nd season of summer organ concerts from the Black Church is carried out under the aegis of the 175 years celebration from the inauguration of Buchholz organ.
"In 1953, Victor Bickerich, the organ player of the Congregation back then, initiated the series of daily summer concerts to introduce the big organ to important groups of tourists. Now there are four organs in the Black Church and they can all be listened this year. The biggest one ? built in 1839 by Carl August Buchholz ? has been delighting the believers of the Congregation and visitors for 175 years." declared Christian Plajer, First Priest of the Evangelical Church C.A. from Romania - Congregation Brasov.

36 concerts

The anniversary season this year includes 36 concerts carried out till September 30th. All along the season, next to the organ players from Brasov, musicians from the country and abroad will play a diverse musical program. Concerts last 30 minutes on average, the entrance ticket is lei 10,00, and children aged less than 10 years and school children have free entrance.
They can listen to Buchholz Organ in its original condition, as it was built by master Carl August Buchholz from Berlin, during years 1836-1839.

Buchholz organ, as it first used to be

The organ was preserved in its initial condition because the original tubes were not lost and were not replaced, and small modifications in time have been cancelled later. The original tuning and pressure of wind have been brought to their initial condition. The materials used for building the organ are of the best quality: clean English tin and Berlin terne (75%) and lead (25%), good organ metal, coniferous wood, spruce, oak with no knots, brass arches, high quality leather, etc. The finger board is covered with ivory; the upper one is from ebony wood, and the number of registers appears on porcelain and are covered by glass. The adornments (consoles, towers and frontons) are provided with special golden limewood sculptures.

Permanent exhibition

To meet the more than 200,000 yearly visitors of the Black Church, a permanent exhibition about the history of the Black Church was organized.
"One of our objectives is to provide our guests and visitors quality and well documented information at high standards. With the new permanent exhibition, the parochial community wished to appear besides its quality of administrator of this valuable patrimony, bringing in the headlines its activity in time, continued to the present and developing to become relevant for the local community in the future as well. The exhibition can be visited during the same time as the Black Church ". declared Ágnes Ziegler, PhD, the exhibition curator.


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