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Nr: 120-122
July-September 2014

Inside Brașov ? 10 ani
Inside Brasov ? 10 years
Inside Brașov ? 10 Jahre
Inside Brașov ? 10 év
Promovarea revistei
Magazine promotion
Die Förderung der Zeitschrift
A folyóirat megismertetése
Oktoberfest 2014 - Distracție și surprize
Oktoberfest 2014 - Fun and surprises
Oktoberfest 2014 - Spaß und Überraschungen
Oktoberfest 2014 ? Szórakozás és meglepetések
Branul și Brașovul sub asediul cavalerilor
Bran and Brasov under knights? siege
Bran und Brașov unter der Belagerung der Ritter
Törcsvár és Brassó a lovagok ostroma alatt
Aeroportul Braşov ? Ghimbav, prima decolare
The First Take-off on Airport Brasov-Ghimbav
Der Flughafen Braşov ? Ghimbav, der erste Start
Brassó-vidombáki repülőtér, az első felszállás
175 de ani de la inaugurarea orgii Buchholz
175 years from the inauguration ceremony of Buchholz organ
175 Jahre seit der Einweihung der Buchholzorgel
175 éves a Buchholz-orgona
Festivalul dansului popular maghiar, la Budila
The Hungarian Folk Dance Festival of Budila
Der Festtag des ungarischen Volkstanzes in Budila
A magyar néptánc seregszemléje Bodolán
Cristian "Oktoberfest în miniatură"
"Oktoberfest" ? On a Small Scale in Cristian
Cristian "Oktoberfest in Miniatur"
Keresztényfalva: kis Oktoberfest
Ghimbav: Festivalul istoric
Ghimbav: The Historical Festival
Ghimbav: Der historische Festtag
Vidombák: Történelmi fesztivál
Cultura în imagini, la Hălchiu
Culture in images in Halchiu
Kultur in Bildern in Hălchiu
Kultúra képekben Höltövényen
Hărman: Atelierul de orgi
The Pipe Organs Workshop of Harman
Hărman: Die Orgelwerkstatt
Szászhermány: orgonaműhely
Sânpetru: Festivalul Rușcuța de Primăvară
The Festival Ruscuta de Primavara of Sanpetru
Sânpetru: Das Fest "Rușcuța de Primăvară"
Szentpéter: Tavaszi hérics-fesztivál

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The Festival Ruscuta de Primavara of Sanpetru



This year, too, the Town Hall of Sanpetru organized the 4th Edition of the Festival "Ruscuta de Primavara" (spring bird`s eye flower) to continue the project for the promotion of the tourism potential of the locality. The event started with a parade of the village`s Junii (young men) in the sounds of the brass band music. Then followed the performance of the folk dance group "Ruscuta de Primavara" from the Middle School of Sanpetru, who presented a program of dances along with the German dance group of Codlea, the folk dance ensemble "Cerbul Carpatin" and orchestra "Plaiuri Transilvane" on the stage outdoors.

Tourists` Interest in Traditions

Mr. Ion Rusu, Mayor of Sanpetru, said: "I have noticed an increased interest of the visitors in finding about genuine customs and traditions. This festival points to the valorisation of the cultural heritage and it is a chance for tourists coming to take part in this event to also visit the main local historical sites: the Romanian Orthodox Church "Sf. Nicolae", the Evangelical Church of Sanpetru, Lempes Hill and to observe that the life of the community has improved. The Transylvanian Saxon who left abroad and now came back home can notice the major investments that have been made in the local infrastructure and enjoy a modern and welcoming locality."

Knowing the Past

More and more tourists are visiting Sanpetru for its fortified fortresses, being curious to find out about their legends and history. Here, they can visit the Evangelical Church of Sanpetru dating back to 1300 and see and hear the pipe organ built in 1820 by Johann Thois. The fortress still keeps the legend of the Rescue Hair Stick alive. It tells about a young woman who pulled off the hair stick from her hair and killed the leader of the Turkish army, during an attack.
One can also visit here the Romanian Orthodox Church "Saint Nicholas" (1781), a historical piece of jewel, who has been preserved up to this day by the Romanian community. It has thick walls made up of stone and brick and interior and exterior icons painted in fresco (1784). There is also the newly built Orthodox Church, equally welcoming and offering much more space to its parishioners.

The Life of the Community

Local authorities have been investing in the life of the community to maintain a balance between the past and the present. The educational facilities have improved here and the local children are benefiting from learning conditions at European standards. The kindergarten unit is a modern building opened in 2013 housing over 100 preschool children, and featuring a comfortable learning environment, modern classrooms and facilities. It is been assessed to be the most beautiful kindergarten of the County of Brasov. The talented take part in cultural activities and pass on the local traditions and customs.


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