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Nr: 114-116
January-March 2014

Trasee turistice cu trăsura, la Brașov
Tourist Routes by carriage in Brasov
Mit der Pferdekutsche durch Kronstadt
Lovaskocsival Brassóban
Sub lupa Prefectului
Monitored by the Prefect
Im Augenmerk des Präfekten
A Prefektus nagyítója alatt
Solidaritate Braşoveană
Brasov Solidarity
Kronstädter Solidarität
Brassói szolidaritás
Casa Sfatului, emblematică pentru Braşov
The Council House, a symbol for Brasov
Das Rathaus ? ein Kronstädter Wahrzeichen
Tanácsház ? Brassó emblémája
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică
The International Book and Music Fair
Die Internationale Musik - und Buchmesse
Nemzetközi könyv- és zenevásár
Ski Pass, la Braşov
Ski Pass in Braşov
Der Ski-Pass in Kronstadt/Braşov
Ski Pass Brassóban
Tainele modelării lutului
The secretes of Clay Works
Die Geheimnisse des Tonformens
Az agyagművészet titkai
"Fărșangul" şi "Faschingul"
"Shrove Tuesday" and "Fasching"
"Fărşang" und Fasching
Farsang és Farsching
Predeal: Investiţii în zona turistică
Predeal: Investments in the tourist area
Predeal: Investitionen in den Tourismus
Predeál: idegenforgalmi beruházások
Balul Portului Popular
The Ball of the Dress
Der Trachtenball
A népviselet bálja
Popas la Teliu - Vale
Stopover in Teliu - Valley
Rastpause in Teliu-Vale
Keresztvári séta
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
In memoriam Ioan Sorin Apan
In Memoriam − Ioan Sorin Apan

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"Shrove Tuesday" and "Fasching"



In Brasov County the cultural events of the Hungarian and Transylvanian Saxons are preserved and many of them are taken over by the Romanians as well. In February, before the Lent begins, two representative events take place: "Shrove Tuesday" and "Fasching", events representing the renewal of time, including practices of space purification.
In the area Apata ? Ormenis, the Shrove Tuesday is celebrated with floats and masked people while "Fasching" is organized in Prejmer area which became a traditional feast of pancakes.

The Shrove Tuesday for the Hungarians

The Shrove Tuesday is a tradition of the Hungarian community of Burzenland, a spring ceremonial preceding the Lent. The attendants are marching boys wearing animal (wolf, bear) masks and also real life characters (bride, groom, doctor, priest etc.) are also represented. The girls of the village also take part in the preparations helping the boys making the masks, adorning the animals (horses, donkeys) and the float leading the cortege on the alleys of the village.

The cortege against the Evil

"The cortege is making noises to chase away hatred, malignancy, dirtiness, infertility, darkness and sometimes the cold season assimilated to the temporary death of the nature. The villagers gathered at the gates of the houses treat the attendants with donuts, give them money, palinka and raw eggs. A caravan marching on the streets of the village is organized. The Shrove Tuesday and "Fasching" are different from one place to another by specific elements of the Hungarians and the Transylvanian Saxons." said Adrian Valusescu, the Manager of the Service of Traditional Culture Promotion and Preservation within Reduta Cultural Centre.

"Fasching" for the Transylvanian Saxons

"Fasching" is specific to Prejmer commune and it represents a Transylvanian Saxons tradition preferred by youngsters. The tradition was revived and it promotes traditional Transylvanian Saxons gastronomy focusing on a wide range of pancakes. The central item is the caravan where stoves are lifted and where the young people make pancakes and sell them to the public. The money thus obtained is used to organize a party at the end of the day. On this occasion, the local pensions exhibit tens of pancakes sorts. Prizes are awarded for the giant pancake and for the best products.
Other events: "Children Festival" in Teliu and the "Cortege of Masks" in Budila where mummies are made and then burnt out.


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