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Nr: 114-116
January-March 2014

Trasee turistice cu trăsura, la Brașov
Tourist Routes by carriage in Brasov
Mit der Pferdekutsche durch Kronstadt
Lovaskocsival Brassóban
Sub lupa Prefectului
Monitored by the Prefect
Im Augenmerk des Präfekten
A Prefektus nagyítója alatt
Solidaritate Braşoveană
Brasov Solidarity
Kronstädter Solidarität
Brassói szolidaritás
Casa Sfatului, emblematică pentru Braşov
The Council House, a symbol for Brasov
Das Rathaus ? ein Kronstädter Wahrzeichen
Tanácsház ? Brassó emblémája
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică
The International Book and Music Fair
Die Internationale Musik - und Buchmesse
Nemzetközi könyv- és zenevásár
Ski Pass, la Braşov
Ski Pass in Braşov
Der Ski-Pass in Kronstadt/Braşov
Ski Pass Brassóban
Tainele modelării lutului
The secretes of Clay Works
Die Geheimnisse des Tonformens
Az agyagművészet titkai
"Fărșangul" şi "Faschingul"
"Shrove Tuesday" and "Fasching"
"Fărşang" und Fasching
Farsang és Farsching
Predeal: Investiţii în zona turistică
Predeal: Investments in the tourist area
Predeal: Investitionen in den Tourismus
Predeál: idegenforgalmi beruházások
Balul Portului Popular
The Ball of the Dress
Der Trachtenball
A népviselet bálja
Popas la Teliu - Vale
Stopover in Teliu - Valley
Rastpause in Teliu-Vale
Keresztvári séta
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
In memoriam Ioan Sorin Apan
In Memoriam − Ioan Sorin Apan

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Tourist Routes by carriage in Brasov



Starting with this year, tourists will have the opportunity to visit Brasov by carriage as well. The Traffic Committee within the Brasov City Hall endorsed the request of creating three tourist routes by carriages, in the historic centre, namely:

- Muresenilor - Eroilor-Agriselor - Iuliu Maniu - N. Iorga ? Muresenilor streets,
- Muresenilor - G. Baritiu - C. Brancoveanu - Piaţa Unirii ? Prundului - Aleea Tiberiu Brediceanu (or Poarta Schei - N. Balcescu) ?Eroilor - N. Iorga ? Muresenilor streets,
- Muresenilor ? Eroilor ? Brasov City Hall - col. Buzoianu streets ? the Fortress and return.

According to the representatives of the municipality, three carriages shall be used, each of them with two horses which shall be parked in the courtyard of the Catholic Church on Muresenilor street.

Tourist Bus

"The initiative of Brasov City Hall giving tourists the opportunity to visit Brasov by carriage is more than welcomed and completes the "Tourist Bus" investment of Brasov County Council which is quite successful and which has already transported thousands of individuals to the most important cultural, historical and tourist attractions of Brasov City.
The creation of these tourist routes by carriage in the historical centre provides tourists a way of leisure in a medieval space. " declared Mihai Pascu, Vice-President of Brasov County Council.

Entertainment Center

Other tourism development projects are carried out by Brasov City Hall using European funds. Referring to these projects, Mayor George Scripcaru said: "I would like to remind the "Arrangement of Poiana Brasov tourist area - Leisure and entertainment premises" project funded by the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. It is an important project for Brasov, aimed at creating recreational and leisure spaces in Poiana Brasov. It offers tourists a variety of leisure facilities. Poiana Brasov is one of our priorities and such development includes all aspects from ski infrastructure, access to Poiana Brasov, creation of parking spaces to the leisure centre where tourists will have the opportunity to come and play bowling, billiards, they will have a climbing wall, the same as skateboard and bike lanes. Deadline for completion: December 2014."

Officially on Facebook
If you need further information please visit the official Facebook page of Brasov City Hall directly from your internet browser at https://www.facebook.com/primariabrasov or from the Facebook account for each user searching "Braşov City Hall" written with diacritics.


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