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Nr: 111-113
October-December 2013

Conferinţa finală DISTRICT +
The final conference DISTRICT +
Die Schlusskonferenz DISTRICT +
District Plus konferencia
Fatzada istorică cu lucrări murale
A historical facade with mural works
Historische Fassade mit Wandmalerei
Történelmi oromzat falfestménnyel
Braşovul, iarna
Brasov during wintertime
Kronstadt im Winter
Brassó télen
Vacanţă la Drăguş
On Holiday in Dragus
Ferien in Drăguş
Szabadság Draguson
Dumbrăviţa, satul ţânţărenilor
Dumbravita, the village of Tantareni
Dumbrăviţa, das Schnakendorf
Szunyogszeg faluja
Hălchiul de ieri şi de azi
Halchiu, past and present
Heldsdorf gestern und heute
Tegnapi és mai Höltövény
Sărbătorile, la Hoghiz
Winter holidays in Hoghiz
Die Feiertage in Hoghiz
Olthévízi ünnepek
Mândra legendară
Mandra, a legendary place
Das sagenhafte Mândra
Legendás Mundra
Bogăţie cultural-istorică, la Moieciu
Cultural and historical richness in Moieciu
Moieciu und seine kulturell-historische Vielfalt
Kulturális, történelmi gazdagság Moécson
"Festivalul Interetnic 7 sate"
"The Interethnic Festival 7 Villages"
"Das interethnische Festival der Sieben Dörfer"
7 falu interetnikus fesztivál
Tradiţii unice, la Şercaia
Unique traditions in Sercaia
Einzigartige Traditionen in Schirkanyen
Egyedi szokások Sárkányban
Ungra, colţ de Rai
Ungra, a corner of Heaven
Galt/Ungra ? ein Stück Paradies
Ungra, az Éden kertje

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A historical facade with mural works


The Museum "Casa Muresenilor" of Brasov in collaboration with the County Council of Brasov, have worked on a Project called "The Historical Façade ? The Pilot Project on the Diversification of the Cultural and Tourist Offer in the City of Brasov", funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration. Half a millennium of history of the city was integrated in one single work created on an interior courtyard wall, thus enhancing for the first time the value of such a space.

The history of suits in Braşov

"The Project`s goal aimed at diversifying the cultural and tourist offer of the city of Brasov through a large scale (25 m x 2 m = 50 sq.m.) historical mural work applied on the dead wall of the interior courtyard of the building of the Museum "Casa Muresenilor", which is under our administration. The building is situated in the historical centre of the city (Piata Sfatului) where there are several tourist attractions. This mural work adds up to these attractions and it is based on a research report about the evolution of the historic costume in Brasov, between centuries 13th and 19th. The mural work was performed by four plastic artists selected by our partner the Association Urban Art Depot and the Agency for Sustainable Development of the County of Brasov," said Mr. Aristotel Cancescu, President of the County Council of Brasov.

Diversification of the visual offer

"Spectacular mural scenes have been created in tourist cities from many countries more visited than our country, thus becoming attraction sites worthy of being taken a picture as a souvenir. We are naturally attracted by images and not by texts, this is why we consider that the diversification of the visual offer in Brasov can be a good example for other organizations and cities, as this work of art has never been seen before in Brasov or Romania," said Mr. Valer Rus, Manager of the Museum "Casa Muresenilor" of Brasov.

An original unprecedented project

"The Agency for the Sustainable Development of the County of Brasov will conduct a major promotional campaign for this original Project "The Historical Facade". The Project is the only one of this kind in Romania and features strong interdisciplinary characteristics as a result of the collaboration between historians, artists and tourism promoters. Unlike other products whose results are project specific, namely limited in time, the main product of this Project will last forever on the dead wall of the building situated in 25 Piata Sfatului. The implementation of the cultural project aims at developing the cultural and tourist itineraries of the city of Brasov by adding a new place of interest, as well as increasing the number of visitors to the Museum "Casa Muresenilor," said Mr. Mihai Pascu, Vice-president of the County Council Brasov.


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