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Nr: 102-104
January-March 2013

32 de capodopere de artă
32 works of art
32 Meisterwerke
32 remekmű
Expoziție de produse tradiționale
Traditional products exhibition
Ausstellung mit traditionellen Produkten
Hagyományos termékek vására
Turism activ, la Braşov
Active tourism in Brasov
Aktivurlaub in Kronstadt/Braşov
Aktív turizmus Brassóban
Valorificarea patrimoniului Transilvaniei
Enhancing the value of the Transylvanian heritage
Die Verwertung des siebenbürgischen Kulturerbes
Erdély örökségének hasznosítása
Braşovul, capitala sporturilor de iarnă
Brasov, the winter sports capital
Kronstadt ? Hauptstadt des Wintersportes
Brassó a téli sportok fővárosa
Spiritul olimpic rămâne prezent
Keeping the Olympic spirit alive
Der Olympia-Gedanke bleibt bestehen
Marad az olimpia szelleme
Cele mai bune destinaţii din Europa
The best destinations of Europe
Vorzügliche Reiseziele in Europa
Európa legjobb célpontjai
Fărşangul, la Apaţa
Fărşang in Apaţa
Farsang in Apaţa
Farsang Apácán
Codlea: Memoria vechilor clădiri
Memory of old buildings in Codlea
Zeiden: Alte Gebäude als steinerne Zeugen
Feketehalom öreg házak emlékezete
Fărşangul, la Ormeniş
Fărşang in Ormeniş
Farsang in Ormeniş
Az ürmösi farsang
Caravana Clătitelor, la Prejmer
The Pancake Caravan in Prejmer
Der Klettiten-Zug in Tartlau
Palacsinták karneválja Prázsmáron
Carnavalul din "Munceii Teliului"
The Carnival of "Munceii Teliului"
Der Fasching in Telius Bergen
A keresztvári karnevál

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Memory of old buildings in Codlea



The Project "Rehabilitation of the historical centre of Codlea Town", with a total value of 13064.21 thousand Lei, has been resubmitted by Town Codlea, Brasov County to the Regional Development Agency-Centre Alba Iulia, Regional Operational Program 2007-2013. The Town Hall of Codlea issued the building permit for several old buildings that still preserve the history of this town, at the beginning of this year.

Old buildings included in the tourist circuit

"The project refers to the rehabilitation of the old City Hall that will be transformed into the Museum of Codlea Traditions, the rehabilitation of the Culture House to become the Cultural Centre that will house a ceramics craft school and other crafts classes, rehabilitation of the municipal library to become the Information and Documentation Centre, including audio books, book reviews, and finish works of the building facade facing Magura Street. These finish works consist of rehabilitation of the pedestrian spaces, roadways, urban green spaces, urban furniture, public and architectural lightning. The buildings shall be included in the tourist circuit," said Mr. Catalin Munteanu, Mayor of Codlea.

,,The Play House"

The historical buildings of the old borough of Codlea (Zeiden) includes the Play House, a huge building where comedians used to perform, which later on became the Town Hall building (1724-1726), and two pieces of work above the gate of the church`s castle (the fortified Evangelic Church). A strong wind destroyed the Play House and restoration works began in 1780. It has been located towards the end of the fair market, in the direction of the inn, in order to gain more free space and clear the road for carts and mail coaches. A big store and a bazaar have been built mainly for the fair days. The Town Hall building was built in 1824, above the gate of the castle. The front door bears the inscription "Suum cuique" on a commemorative stone.

The ,,Black Fortreess" Inn

The Black Fortress Inn was rebuilt (1910-1911) by Wagner and Bruss, with 10 guest rooms and a dining hall. The new building, including the big hall of the Culture House, were made thanks to the contribution of the people in the borough.
According to www.codlea-info.ro, the Black Fortress Inn bears the name after the fortress from the north-western corner of Magura Codlei, and not after the Evangelic Church.


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