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Nr: 102-104
January-March 2013

32 de capodopere de artă
32 works of art
32 Meisterwerke
32 remekmű
Expoziție de produse tradiționale
Traditional products exhibition
Ausstellung mit traditionellen Produkten
Hagyományos termékek vására
Turism activ, la Braşov
Active tourism in Brasov
Aktivurlaub in Kronstadt/Braşov
Aktív turizmus Brassóban
Valorificarea patrimoniului Transilvaniei
Enhancing the value of the Transylvanian heritage
Die Verwertung des siebenbürgischen Kulturerbes
Erdély örökségének hasznosítása
Braşovul, capitala sporturilor de iarnă
Brasov, the winter sports capital
Kronstadt ? Hauptstadt des Wintersportes
Brassó a téli sportok fővárosa
Spiritul olimpic rămâne prezent
Keeping the Olympic spirit alive
Der Olympia-Gedanke bleibt bestehen
Marad az olimpia szelleme
Cele mai bune destinaţii din Europa
The best destinations of Europe
Vorzügliche Reiseziele in Europa
Európa legjobb célpontjai
Fărşangul, la Apaţa
Fărşang in Apaţa
Farsang in Apaţa
Farsang Apácán
Codlea: Memoria vechilor clădiri
Memory of old buildings in Codlea
Zeiden: Alte Gebäude als steinerne Zeugen
Feketehalom öreg házak emlékezete
Fărşangul, la Ormeniş
Fărşang in Ormeniş
Farsang in Ormeniş
Az ürmösi farsang
Caravana Clătitelor, la Prejmer
The Pancake Caravan in Prejmer
Der Klettiten-Zug in Tartlau
Palacsinták karneválja Prázsmáron
Carnavalul din "Munceii Teliului"
The Carnival of "Munceii Teliului"
Der Fasching in Telius Bergen
A keresztvári karnevál

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The Carnival of "Munceii Teliului"


Teliu is located in the southern extremity of Brasov depression, being a continuation of Barsa Mountains. The hills are formed together into a well distinguishable unit, also known as "Munceii Teliului". Teliu, situated to the north-east of Brasov, covers 9 km in length, follows the line of Teliu Valley towards the peak and is bordered on both sides by hilly and wooded flanks. The town has a good geographical location, with direct connections both to Brasov and surrounding localities.

The Day of Dochia, the beginning of spring

A series of events mainly dedicated to spring and Lent preparations are organized within the program "Destinations of Excellence" in the couloir region Prejmer-Teliu-Budila-Vama Buzaului. According to folk tradition, Babele (meaning the old women) or the Days of Dochia is celebrated between March 1st-9th, a period with freakish and unpredictable weather. The old women are a symbol of the battle between the old year and the year to come, between winter and summer, between coldness and warmth. The superstitions regarding the tradition of Babele refer to the first day of this period, namely the 1st of March or the Day of Dochia, the beginning of spring. It is said that if the weather is fine on the 1st of March, it will be a beautiful and thriving weather during the spring and summer seasons, but if the day is cloudy, this is a sign that the spring and summer we will have a freakish weather.

Masks and characters

"We are carrying out many cultural activities in Teliu by which we want to promote old customs, including those dedicated to the beginning of spring: Martisor, the First Snowdrop, Mother`s Day and the Last Day before Lent. This year, during the days of Babele, the Children`s Carnival takes place. This is an event with masks and fairy tales characters such as fairies, princesses and princes, as well as animal characters. The children enjoy this very much and form a procession and then perform an exceptional show on stage. The event has already become a tradition and the masks are getting more and more advanced and attractive every year," said Mayor of Teliu, Mr. Vasile Serban.

Some events of the agenda

The Children`s Carnival attracts a lot of tourists. Many come with their children to take part in the preparation of the Masked Parade, in the under-junior and junior masked competition, and sign up for interactive contests. They also watch the stage shows performed by show artist Claudia Miritescu. Participants: the Middle School of Teliu, the Kindergarten of Teliu, the Family Centre "Greierasul" of Teliu and the Middle School of Vama Buzaului.


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