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Nr: 99-101
October-December 2012

Judeţul Braşov, proiecte de promovare
The county of Brasov, promotion projects
Förderprogramme des Kreises Kronstadt/Braşov
Brassó megye megismertetéséért
Prefectura, activă în viaţa socială
Involvement of the Prefect's Institution in the social life
Eine aktive Präsenz im sozialen Leben
A prefektúra aktív társadalmi szerepe
Braşovul este bine pozitionat în cadrul concurenţei investiţionale
Brasov is well located within investment competition
Kronstadt ist im Standortwettbewerb gut aufgestellt
Brassó jól áll a beruházási versenyben
Recital cameral "Gaudeamus 25"
Chamber recital "Gaudeamus 25"
Kammermusikkonzerte "Gaudeamus 25"
Gaudeamus 25 kamarahangverseny
Multiculturalism la Budila
Multiculturalism in Budila
Multikulturalismus in Budila
Multikulturalizmus Bodolán
Ziua României, la Codlea
The National Day of Romania in Codlea
Der Nationalfeiertag Rumäniens in Zeiden/Codlea
Románia napja Feketehalomban
Moieciu, în prim-planul turismului românesc
Moieciu, in the forefront of the Romanian tourism
Moieciu im Vordergrund des rumänischen Tourismus
Moécs a romániai idegenforgalom élvonalában
Poiana Braşov, sport şi agrement
Poiana Brasov, a resort for both sport and recreation
Poiana Braşov/Schulerau ? Sport und Unterhaltung
Brassó Pojána, sport és kikapcsolódás
Predeal, perla turismului montan
Predeal, the pearl of mountain tourism
Predeal ? die Perle des rumänischen Bergtourismus
Predeal, a hegyi turizmus gyöngye
Copiii din Sânpetru doreau pace de Crăciun
The children from Sanpetru wished for peace on Christmas
Die Petersberger Kinder wünschten sich den Frieden als Weihnachtsgeschenk
A szentpéteri gyerekek békét kívántak karácsonyra
Vama Buzăului între Transilvania şi Ţara Românească
Vama Buzaului between Transylvania and Tara Romaneasca
Vama Buzăului ? zwischen Transsylvanien und Walachei
Bodzavám Erdély és Havaselve közt
Muzeul de Etnografie Braşov: 45 de ani de existenţă
The Ethnography Museum Brasov: 45 years old
45 Jahre seit der Gründung des Volkskundemuseums Kronstadt/Braşov
45 éves a Brassói Népművészeti Múzeum

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Involvement of the Prefect's Institution in the social life



The Prefect's Institution of Brasov County, by the Prefect of Brasov, Mr. Mihai Mohaci, is carrying out a series of social projects for locals, including citizens of all categories. These include: the organisation of actions of the Jewish community from Brasov "The Holocaust Day", a charitable action for the children from Saint Josef foster home of Ordoheiul Secuiesc and the International Elderly Day. In addition to those, there are also events organized on the occasion of the 1st Day of December celebrating the National Day of Romania, as well as other actions dedicated to disadvantaged categories of people organized on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

The Holocaust Day

"The Holocaust Day was organized by the Jewish Community of Brasov in partnership with the Education Board of Brasov County, under the patronage of the Prefect's Institution of Brasov. Romania has commemorated the Holocaust Day at national level since 2004, at the recommendation of the International Commission for the Study of the Holocaust's Consequences in Romania and the Federation of the Romanian Jewish Communities. Organizing this event is just one of the efforts of the Romanian society to keep the memory of the Holocaust's victims alive and to pass down the spirit of understanding and mutual respect to the younger generation," said Mr. Mihai Mohaci, the Prefect of Brasov.

The International Elderly Day

On the occasion of the International Elderly Day, the Prefect of Brasov has transmitted the following message: "On the occasion of the International Elderly Day, I consider that dialogue between generations is vital and that life experience, wisdom, youth memories and the lessons we have been taught during our lives could be of help for the younger generation. There is a saying: "One should buy grandparents if he has not!" because nothing compares to the kindness, wisdom and good state of mind that a grandparent conveys. I have a great deal of respect for the third generation and for this category of age so important for the Brasov community".

Helping children in foster care

The Prefect's Institution of Brasov County has offered its support to the children in foster care and involved in actions on the occasion of celebrating Christmas. "All the children are waiting for Santa Claus and they wish to find a gift under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately not all of them can have this and the children in foster care are suffering the most. They always need support, they are not familiar with the joy of living in a family, they are forced to live with the minimum support offered by the state and they are deprived from essential things. That is way we thought that a little gesture can represent a real help and an unforgettable memory for these children," said the Prefect Mr. Mihai Mohaci.


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