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Nr: 72-74
July-September 2010

Braşovul: 775 de ani
Brasov City: 775 years
Braşov: 775 Jahre
Brassó 775 éves
Un` te duci tu mielule?La Bran!
?Whereto dear lamb?? ... to Bran!
Wohin geht?s, Lamm ? Nach Bran!
Hová mész te, báránykám? Törcsvárra!
Maialul la Codlea
?Maial? from Codlea
Das Kronenfest in Zeiden
Majális Feketehalomban
Balul Mestecenilor, la Cristian
The Birch Trees` Holiday from Cristian
Der Neustädter Birkenball
Corul cantorilor din Ierulasim
The Jerusalem Cantors Choir
Der Kantoren-Chor aus Jerusalem
A jeruzsálemi kántorok kórusa
Ghimbav: Reafirmarea trecutului
Ghimbav: Reassertion of the past
Weidenbach: Die Vergangenheit wird nicht vergessen
Vidombák: a múlt vállalása
Turism ecologic la Mândra
Ecological tourism in Mandra
Ökotourismus in Mândra
Ökoturizmus Mundrán
Din peisajul cultural predelean
An outline of the cultural landscape of Predeal
Aus dem Kulturangebot in Predeal
Predeál kulturális élete
Sânpetru: Ruşcuţa de primăvară
Sanpetru: Spring Bird?s Eye (ruscuta in Romanian)
Petersberg: Das Frühlings-Adonisröschen
Szentpéter: tavaszi hérics
Multiculturalism la Tărlungeni
Multiculturalism in Tarlungeni
Multikulturalismus in Tărlungeni
Turism culinar cu melci, la Teliu
Gastronomic tourism with snails in Teliu
Schnecken-Gastrotourismus bei Teliu
Csigagasztronómia Keresztváron
Viscri: ?Satul de sine stătător?
Viscri, A free-standing village
Deutsch-Wei?kirch: ?Das selbständige Dorf?
Szászfehéregyháza: az önálló falu
Festivalul ecvestru - Râşnov 2010

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An outline of the cultural landscape of Predeal



Situated above 1000 meters altitude, Predeal is considered the town with the highest altitude. During the year, tourists come to Predeal to seize the entertainment opportunities offered by the chain of mountains surrounding this resort. They can also enjoy its historical tracks, the wide range of winter sports, the mountain itineraries and the multiple activities offered to tourists by the Town Hall of Predeal. Entertainment and theatre shows for children and youth are being organized, including exceptional folk performances.
?Mont Blanc? Photo Gallery
Each year, when people celebrate the patron of ?Sts. Constantine and Helene? Church, ?the Days of Predeal? event is organized. It includes graphic, painting, photography exhibitions, music and poetry recitals.
?This year, tourists had the possibility to take part in the varnishing day of photography exhibition and to watch the video projection of and .? Through the exhibited images the audience went on an unforgettable journey in the most beautiful mountains where our climbers carried the flag of Predeal,? said Mr. Ionel Goidescu, Mayor of Predeal town.
Different types of music
The tourists who were in the resort during the Days of Predeal watched an eventful show: ground drawing contest ?MY TOWN?, children bike racing, children roller racing, theatre plays: ?The Little Red Cap?, break-dance performed by the students of Predeal High School, a cultural-artistic show performed by the dance group ?Fantastic Junior? and the singers from the Cultural Centre of Predeal.
The folk evening gathered a large public. The show included the performance of Rodica Stan and ?Magura? folk group from Codlea and an extraordinary recital by Cristian Pomohaci, Robert Caloian & Claudia Suteu, Burlacu Florin and the long-waited concert of Talisman music band.
The town of the four seasons
?Being a mountain resort, Predeal town was declared . In this regard we planned some strategic cultural actions and events that would have a permanent impact both on the locals and on the tourists who come on weekends or on vacation. This way, we will be able to promote, spread and turn into account the artistic potential of youth and children through interactive contests between our children and those of the tourists. Though Predeal does not have folk traditions, we invite well appreciated folk groups to perform here for the tourists and offer them an exceptional cultural experience,? said Mr. Ionel Goidescu, Mayor of Predeal town.


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