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Nr: 69-71
April-June 2010

Diaconia Neuendettelsau, la Braşov
Neuendettelsau Deaconry in Braşov
Diakonie Neuendettelsau in Kronstadt/Braşov
A Neuendettelsau Diakónia Brassóban
Turnirul Cavalerilor, ediţia a IV-a
Knights` Tournament, 4th edition
Die IV. Auflage des Ritter-Turniers
Lovagok tornája, IV. Kiadás
?Coprinele? din Poiana Narciselor
?Coprinele? from Poiana Narciselor (Daffodil Glade)
Die ?Coprine? in der Narzissenwiese
A Nárciszrét
?Paşti la Castel?
?Easter at the Castle?
?Ostern im Schloss?
Húsvét a kastélyban
Concerte de fanfară, pe aleea de sub Tâmpa
Brass band concerts on the parkway at the bottom of Mount Tampa
Blasmusik unter der Zinne
Fúvószene a Cenk alatti sétányon
PREDEAL ? Trasee de căţărare
PREDEAL ? Climbing itineraries
Predeal - Klettern zur Auswahl
PREDEÁL ? sziklamászó útvonalak
?Dezvoltarea locală - cu şi pentru noi?
?Local Development With and For Us?
?Örtliche Entwicklung ? mit und für uns?
Településfejlesztés ? velünk és értünk
Festival la Casa Ceangăiască
Festival at the Csango House
Das Festival beim Tschango-Haus
Fesztivál a Csángó Házban
Sărbătorile Codlei
Feast Days in Codlea
Die Zeidner Feste
Feketehalomi ünnepek
Terapie cultural-istorică la Buneşti
Cultural and Historical Therapy in Bunesti
Kulturhistorisches Ambiente in Buneşti/Bodendorf
Kulturális-történelmi terápia Szászbunán
Cavalerii teutoni, ostaşii lui Michael Weiss şi garnizoana habsburgică
The Teutonic Knights, the soldiers of Michael Weiss and the Habsburg garrison
Ritterorden, Michael Weiss` Krieger und Habsburger Soldaten
A VII-a ediţie cu prietenii cărţilor
A meeting of books` friends at the 7th edition
Die siebente Auflage
A VII. akalom a könyv barátaival

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Neuendettelsau Deaconry in Braşov



A German delegation paid a visit to the County Council Brasov in view of strengthening the economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries, respectively between the county of Brasov and Nurnberg. This visit adds up to the already traditional cultural actions between the two regions. The novelty is that ahead of the delegation was the head of Neuendettel Deaconry, who arrived in Brasov after paying a visit to Sibiu. The members of the German delegation were received by Aristotel Cancescu, the president of the County Council Brasov, by Dragoş Craciun, county councillor and by representatives of the German ethny in Brasov.
166 years of tradition
?Ph. D. Professor Hermann Schoenauer is a highly influential personality from Bavaria and he leads an organization with 166 years of tradition. The Association has 6000 employees, countless homes for the elderly, hospitals for children, it has an University which collaborates with Universities from Romania and carries out multiple activities. Since the visit of Mr. Hermann is the first in Brasov, we hope that today meeting is efficacious and brings benefits to both parties in the future?, said Mariana Alexie, the president of the Cultural Association ?Romanima? from Nürnberg.
The visit from Brasov
The guests from Nürnberg visiting Brasov, with the delegation led by Ph. D. Professor Hermann Schoenauer, the Rector of Neuendettelsau Deaconry, one of the most influential personalities of Bavaria, participated in the cultural manifestations of ?Juni? and visited the Black Church from Brasov, where they met representatives of the Deaconry from Brasov.
We mention that they also met the management of the German Economic Club, the representatives of the Church and discussed with the president of the County Council Brasov about the possibilities of bilateral collaboration in the field of social assistance.
300 beds for the hospitals in Brasov
According to county councillor Dragoş Crăciun, following the measures taken by the German partners and by Mariana Alexie, 300 hospital beds donated by the Red Cross from Nürnberg shall be brought to Brasov within the next period of time. The beds shall be offered to the County Hospital and to hospital units from Fagaras and Rupea.


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