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Nr: 63-65
October-December 2009

Festivalul ?Fulg de Nea?
The ?Snow Flake? Festival
Das Festival ?Schneeflocke?
Muzeul Civilizaţiei Urbane a Braşovului, deschis publicului larg
The City Civilisation Museum from Brasov - open for the public
Das Museum für städtische Zivilisation Kronstadt/Brasov
A Brassó Városi Civilizáció Múzeuma megnyílt a nagyközönség számára is
Micul OktoberFest
The Little Oktoberfest
Das Mini-Oktoberfest
A kis Oktoberfest
Zoritorii din Cristian
?Zoritorii? from Cristian
Die Weihnachtssänger von Neustadt
Keresztényfalvi hajnalozók
Zilele Hălchiului
The Feast Days of Halchiu
Die Heldsdorfer Tage
Höltövény napjai
Sărbătoarea ?Mărul Dulce?
The ?Sweet Apple? Holiday
Das Fest des ?Sü?en Apfels?
Az Édes Alma ünnepe
Ghimbavul istoric şi modern
Ghimbav: History and Modernity
Weidenbach von einst und heute
A történelmi és a modern Vidombák
Festivalul istoric ?În numele tandafirului"
The historic festival ?The Name of the Rose"
Das historische Festival ?Im Namen der Rose?
Történelmi fesztivál: A rózsa nevében
Bran Castle Fest
Bran Castle Festival
Bran Castle Fest
Bran Castle Fest
Festivalul Oierilor şi Răvăşitul Oilor
Shepherds? Festival and Sheep Scattering
Das Schafhalter-Festival und der Schaf-Abtrieb
A juhászok ünnepe
Competiţii la Predeal
Competitions in Predeal
Wettkämpfe in Predeal
Predeáli versenyek
Ziua Europeană a Culturii Evreieşti
The European Day of Jewish Culture
Der Europa-Tag der jüdischen Kultur
A zsidó kultúra európai napja
Acupunctura Zhendao

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Bran Castle Festival



The Land Administration Company of Bran, together with Eurourban, in collaboration with the County Council of Brasov, the County Centre for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture and the City Hall of Bran have organized the Bran Castle Festival, the first music and related arts festival on the land belonging to the famous castle, which will take place on August 7-9, 2009.

The goals of the event

?The project aims at changing the perception of young people regarding the Bran Castle, achieving a cultural development of Brasov-Bran-Moeciu area, helping underground artists to become known at a national level, making Bran Castle Festival a landmark on the European festivals market and creating an atmosphere specially adapted to this remarkable place. The Bran Castle Festival is a modern cultural event with a fairytale background and it is intended to attract the audience through a different kind of program than other similar events, showing a strong interest towards culture. On the stage of the Bran Castle Festival performed theatre players, modern dancers and experimental music artists. The artists invited at this event created eclectic sounds and sensations: from lounge, psychedelic to experimental hip hop, from drum and bass to IDM and, at the same time, rhythms of funk, dub and reggae vibes,? says Mr. Alexandru Priscu, Marketing Manager at Bran Castle.

The tent of Dracula

At the same time a special place called the Tent of Dracula has been arranged to watch movies on a projection screen. People watched movies with the castle legend and its spiritual tenant, the Count Dracula. The event has become a landmark in appreciating contemporary music works because of its good audio and creative selection. This year, at its first edition, famous urban DJs went up on stage such as: Lack of Afro (UK- live act), Khidja, Tomasan, Zicu, Ufe, Leizaboy, Grant and Nemo, Camil, Cos Mir, Self Made Music, Tzuc, Damian, Emap, Killer & FLU, Syncronize, Posset & Tyler Dun Deen & J-on, Manki`n`Stieb , Giu Ser, but also live music bands such as: Suie Paparude, Aria Urbana, Discoballs, Brum Conspiracy, Virtual Picnic and others. Another new thing about the festival was the presentation of certain audio-video projects and drama experiments.

Youth as a target market

A nice camping was available for the audience. The Bran Castle Festival addressed to the young people category, passionate of music, but also to adults in search of a well defined artistic environment.
The first edition of the Bran Castle Festival offered three days of high quality urban culture, close to the mountains, a modern culture festival in a fairytale setting.


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