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Nr: 42-43
January-February 2008

Braşovul la Bruxelles
Meeting in Brussels
Reabilitarea Bisericii ?Sfântul Nicolae?
The renewal of ?Sf. Nicolae? Church
Le ravalement de l?Eglise ?Sf. Nicolae?
Il restauro della Chiesa ?Sf. Nicolae?
Bucătăria tradiţională braşoveană
Brasov?s Authentic
Authentique de Brasov
Autentico di Brasov
Banca Mondială sprijină Braşovul
The Roundabout Road
La voie-détour de Brasov
La tangenziale di Brasov
Bilanţul Instituţiei Prefectului
The Prefect?s Institution Balance
Le Bilan de l?Institution du Préfet
Il bilancio dell?Istituzione del Prefetto
Fosnich - Obicei specific la Rupea, Homorod, Buneşti, Dăişoara
The Vicinity
Les Voisinages
Le Vicinanze
Informator turistic la Bran
Touring Informant at Bran
Informateur touristique à Bran
Informatore turistico a Bran
Codlea, oraşul din Ţara Bârsei
The Town of Flowers
La ville des fleurs
La città dei fiori
Iarna la Predeal
Predeal in Winter
Predeal en hiver
Predeal nell?inverno
Unirea Principatelor Române
The Feast of January 24
La fête du 24 Janvier
La festa del 24 Gennaio
Omagiu lui Valentin Bakfark
The Renaissance Year
L?Anno Rinascimentale
Consulat britanic la Braşov
British Consulate at Brasov
Consulat Britannique à Brasov
Consolato Britannico a Brasov
Teliu, capitala melcilor
The Snails Factory
La Fabrique d?Escargots
La Fabbrica di Lumache
Aro-Palace - Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five stars tourism
Tourisme de 5 étoiles
Turismo di cinque stelle
Dezvoltarea metropolitană
Metropolitan Strategy in Brasov
Stratégie métropolitaine à Brasov
Strategia metropolitana a Brasov
Hiperdia - 10 ani de activitate
Hiperdia: 10 years after
Hiperdia, 10 ans après
Hiperdia, 10 anni dopo
Serviciul Evidenţa Persoanelor, modernizat
Voice-Data Communications
Comunicazioni Voce-Dati

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The renewal of ?Sf. Nicolae? Church


The County Council Brasov and the Archdiocese of Ardeal unfold a common project as a first in Romania. The CC president, Aristotel Cancescu, and the Archbishop of Sibiu and Primate of Ardeal, His Grace Laurentiu Streza, officially met to establish the cooperation in restoring the ecclesiastical architectural assembly Sf. Nicolae Church of Scheii Brasovului.

Huge ancient Library

The first phase of the project requires an amount of 1 million euro and includes Sf. Nicolae Church with its chapels, the Museum of First Romanian School, the enclosure walls, Barac House (18th century), a library hosting 40.000 ancient books and over 30.000 documents dating back to 800 years ago, an ancient books depository, icons, liturgical silver-ware and ancient paintings.
The ecclesiastical architectural assembly, on which renewal and conservation the CC is focused, is an historical monument, attested since the 15th century.

Bringing the Past in Present

Sf. Nicolae Church hosts inestimable art works and 500 years old ancient icons. Many of the artefacts suffered degradations in the course of time, therefore they require urgent reconditioning. The program?s purpose is to create a powerful cultural and historical orthodox centre, able to bring in present the entire history of the complex.
The Primate of Ardeal His Grace Laurentiu Streza, declared himself overwhelmed with emotion in front of this patrimony and thanked the country for having assigned such an important amount to bring in present the values of the past.

Judged by the History

The priest Vasile Olteanu, the curator of the First Romanian School, is extremely happy to see his dream fulfilled, after vainly notifying for years the authorities about the dangers of the degradation. ?The value of this patrimony, including the ancient books and the artefacts, is inestimable. We would have been judged by the history for keeping those values in deplorable storage conditions?.

Personal Involvement

The CC president Aristotel Căncescu was personally involved in conserving the authentic values and reinvigorating the spiritual patrimony of Brasov. ?The County Council assigned considerable amounts to save the cult establishments, the historical monuments, the old Citadel of Brasov and the monuments neglected by the communists. We have the moral obligation to not let them disappear?.
In Brasov county there will also be rehabilitated several other religious constructions, among which the Cathedral of Fagaras and the evangelical churches of Harman, Cristian and Sanpetru.


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