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Nr: 30-31
January-February 2007

Închiderea Sărbătorilor de Iarnă
Cultural Malediction
Braşovul ? primul oraş turistic
The first touring Destination of Romania
La première destination touristique de la Roumanie
La prima destinazione turistica di Romania
Braşovul în U.E.
Brasov in EU
Brasov dans l?UE
Brasov nell?UE
Dezvoltarea turistică a Braşovului
Brasov?s touring Development
Le développement touristique de Braşov
Lo sviluppo turistico di Brasov
Poiana Braşov ? o staţiune europeană
An European Resort
Une station européenne
Una stazione europea
Tursim de cinci stele la Braşov - Aro Palace
Five stars Tourism at Aro Palace
Tourisme de cinq étoiles chez Aro Palace
Turismo di cinque stelle ad Aro Palace
Obiceiul tăierii porcului
Purifying Ceremonies
Cérémonies de purification
Cerimonie purificatrici
Augustinul şi Peştera Urşilor
No Pollution Area
Une zone sans pollution
Una zona priva d?inquinamento
Investiţie spaniolă la Hărman
Teaching Hospital at Harman
Hôpital Universitaire à Harman
Hospital Universitario a Harman
Buneştiul ? o atracţie irezistibilă
History and Present at Bunesti
Histoire et présent à Bunesti
Storia e presente a Bunesti
Primul ghiocel la Codlea
The First Snowdrop at Codlea
Le Premier Perce-neige à Codea
Il Primo Bucaneve a Codlea
Predealul ? centrul turistic al ţării
A white health Resort
Une station de cure tout blanche
Una stazione di cura tutta bianca
Descendenţii regali vând Castelul ?Dracula?
The Bran Castle
Le Château Bran
Il Castello Bran
Şercaia, accesibilităţi
Cattle and flowers
Bubalines et fleurs
Bovini e fiori
Sânpetru neolitic
History and Churches
Histoire et églises
Storia e chiese
Cultura romilor din Tărlungeni
Being Gipsy and proud of it
Être gitan en toute fierté
Essere zingaro ed esserne fiero

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The first touring Destination of Romania



The touring development will made Brasov county, especially Brasov town, competitive on the EU?s market. In order to accomplish this goal, the County Council assigned important amounts for the infrastructure?s rehabilitation, both district roads and historical monuments with patrimonial value. CC?s president, Aristotel Cancescu, went on delegation in Spain to attend the ARE Session (The Association of the European Regions). Spain, ranked the sixth in the world classification of the countries with great touring potential, accumulated a huge experience in this field.

Exploiting the historical Patrimony

Within the rehabilitation programs of the medieval citadel of Brasov, the CC will continue the investments started in 2006 such as: Ecaterina Gate, The Sporting Highschool Arena and its glass bell hosting a touring information point, ?Olympia? Sporting Base and its medieval building, the ancient walls with the three towers. The ice rink under Tampa hill will be set to host mini-soccer games during summer. ?Spanish officials predicted a flourishing development for Romania, just as happened to their country after the accession in the European Union. It will be a shame not to exploit this valuable patrimony, which may become very lucrative?, Cancescu stated.

Ecaterina Gate

Ecaterina Gate and its patio will be soon available for the tourists, thanks to an important investment. Two of the four towers of the building, which used to host the Masonry?s reunions, were menaced to collapse at earthquake. The CC will maintain the facility?s administration.

?Olympia? Base

The sporting base encloses the tennis courts that host national and international contests. Reconditioning and rehabilitation works started at this special building with patrimonial value, continuing the walls of the medieval citadel of Brasov. The constructors had to face problems generated by the old lake that used to cover once the whole area. The bank?s straightening required an additional amount but the location will surely attract a lot of foreign and local tourists.

The first touring Destination

Besides the rehabilitation of the historical buildings, the CC?s most important goal in 2007 is the road works. ?We are already unfolding a 15 million euros BERD contract and negotiating for another one of the same value for the district?s road works. The Government promised another considerable amount for the same purpose. In collaboration with the town hall we will make of Brasov the first touring destination of Romania?, Cancescu disclosed.


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