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Nr: 23
June- 2006

Regele Mihai I de România, la Braşov
The King?s Visit
La visite du Roi
25 de ani de la aselenizare
The Cosmos conquered from Braşov
Il Cosmos conquistado da Braşov
Mesaj pentru militarii români din Irak
Supporting the Mission in Iraq
Appuyer la mission en Irak
Appoggiare la missione in Irak
Un loc mirific
A beautiful place
Un bel endroit
O localitate străveche: Vama Buzăului
The Howling Water
L?eau hurlante
L?Acqua urlante
Împuşcatul cocoşului
Shooting the Scape ? rooster
Le tir au coq expiatoire
Pigliare due ... gali ad una fava
Buneştiul atractiv
Fleurs, histoire et vaches
Fiori, storia e mucche
Cata ? satul pisicilor
The Cats? Village
Le village des chats
Homorodul medieval
History and Horses
Storia e Cavalli
Zilele Predealului
The Life at 1159 m
La vita a 1159 m
15 ani de înfrăţire Rupea ? Denderleeuw
Belgian Friendship
Amitié belge
Microenterprises and macrohistory
Microentreprises et macrohistoire
Strategia CCI Braşov
The Chamber?s Strategy
La strategia della Camera

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The Chamber?s Strategy


On May 27, within a festive event, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brasov inaugurated its new logo, created as a result of a contest. As part of the CCI College Brasov? strategy, the event also included the launching of its site www.ccibv.ro. The ceremony was attended by Nicolae Tucunel, the Chamber?s president, prime vice-president Silviu Costea, Chamber?s directors Adriana Ispas and Ionut Tata, Aristotel Cancescu, president of Brasov County Council, Gabriel Andronache, vice-mayor of Brasov, senator Otilian Neagoe, deputy Ivan Cismaru, along with representatives of various NGO?s and of the business and banking environment.

Mission at Hamburg
The allocutions emphasized the Chamber?s vocation in unfolding activities designed to serve the local community and trigger the business environment. The most recent activity of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place on 13-18 May, as an economical mission at Hamburg, on the occasion of the Marketing Services International Fair. As the president Tucunel stated, the Fair displayed the newest products, services and innovations in the marketing field.

The main Promoter
?The goal Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brasov is to be the main promoter of the economical development of the county. The Chamber recently supported the German television post Deutsche Welle and the economical magazine ?Made in Germany? to realize a reportage about the economical potential of Brasov? county?, director Adriana Ispas stated.


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